Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

too much photoshop.

i am full to bursting with Photoshop knowledge. i have a hundred more pages to go in the book and all the basics have been explained. i have had so many moments of "Oh! that's what that does" or "oh! that's how you do that". i can't possibly read any more instructional stuff for at least an hour. i've been taking sleep breaks. reading for three hours, sleeping for one or two. it gives me time to digest what i've read.

i have five books to read in all. Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML/XTMl/CSS/JAVA, CSS, and Photoshop. three programs to work with. i got all the software installed and working and ready to play with. i have to read the HTML and CSS stuff before i start the Dreamweaver book, since i need to know that stuff before i go working with shortcuts for it. this casual attempt at educating myself is becoming quite serious.

still nothing from my email person. i'm going to close the book on that now.

i have doc's sick. i'm not happy with him for this. i don't have it as bad as he did though. i just feel icky and cough up some stuff every so often, whereas he couldn't stop sneezing for two days.

my dad didn't call, AGAIN, about my Nana. i'm going to have to call him again tomorrow. god, he is such an irresponsible git. and they used to wonder where i got it from. i am my father's daughter. there is no doubting that. his creepy genes were dominant. at least i got the ravishing and devastatingly beautiful blue eyes from my mom's side.

doc said while i was napping i sat straight up and started talking to him about dots. too much photoshop.

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