Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

stupid doc got a stupid cold and stupid gave it to me

ridin' around on his mountain bike out there in the cold like it's bloody summer or some damn thing. yep. he has a sick. and he was nice enough to share it. *sniffle*

Burn Notice is on ion until 3am. *squee*

i made myself a gift in the name of education furthering my past and future career: Photoshop CS6, Dreamweaver CS5 and the related "For Dummies" books. i've decided, after spending two days reading Photoshop tips and tricks and tutorials, that i want to master both programs. not just for web design, but for photography and creation of art. i've played with both programs and have had a working knowledge of both for years. but it's time to step up and really learn what they can do. i especially need to update my web design skills. but i'm concentrating on Photoshop first, since i'll need that to make the graphics for the web sites i design.

and i've decided my goal in this is to make Kelli a new, spiffed up website for her birthday that she can either use or not, as she decides. i want her to have a top down, slick portfolio site to show off her art. she deserves it, her art deserves it. and she's just not one to be bothered learning a bunch of code and shit. i am. and i run out of gift ideas for her. she isn't one to have "stuff". and i give her all my downloads and videos and shit out of a matter of course. this year for xmas, i was really reaching. instead of sending her digital copies of a bunch of movies, i encoded them and burned them onto DVD and made labels for them and put them in cases and everything. so for her birthday, it's a new site.

i haven't heard from my mystery emailer (my brother?) for a couple of days. that adventure might be over. que cera, cera.

my Nana is doing well. true to what doc told her, she felt like getting up and jogging after her surgery. she'll be in ICU for a couple of days and then i can go visit her again, if my dad will just keep me up to date. when i bit the bullet and called him today, he said Teneal didn't know about Nana because she doesn't talk to Mark, her dad, my uncle (who i do NOT like - he got all weird and aggro with doc one year for no reason, and i just walked away from the situation). in fact, Mark may not even know she's married. all i could do was laugh, considering how i had to gird myself just to call my dad and get the status on things. Teneal and i have so much in common. for example, we both think my dad has a creepy pervy vibe. female friends rarely, if ever came to my house again after meeting my dad.

all of this seems so unimportant. i just want to devour these books. it's time i excel at something. and all of the tools are just out there for the taking, i mean, how could i not? i could spend a few hundred dollars and have to leave my house often to take courses in these programs, or i can do it for free myself with the help of piratebay and youtube. i have no excuse to be fumbling around with four commands in dreamweaver anymore. or not using the channels and layers to their full potential in photoshop. i'm ready for keyboard shortcuts, by god!

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