Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


he's mad at me and i'm not sure why. he messed up my bathroom and i asked him not to. he asked why. i told him because it was my space and he said, your point? and i walked away. and he stopped speaking to me and started slamming things around and now he is asleep. and i am confused. i know he wasn't feeling well, i was going to take a bath and then make him some food. he made himself food while i was in the bath. why? he didn't think i cared. because i didn't want him messing up my bathroom? he freaks out and mentions it eighty times if i leave a shampoo bottle in his shower. i think i need to point this out to him.

i'm learning a lot about photography with this whole photoshop immersion thing. like, for example, there are some pictures that can't be saved. you either enjoy them as they are or delete them. and when spring hits and i'm outside again, i plan to take a million pictures. and i plan to go places this year. to the strip to tour the casinos, and then to other places around town. we will get more financially stable as the year progresses, so i can eventually start going to the museums and stuff that has an entry fee. like the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.

i've been comparing Photoshop 7 with Photoshop CS6. there are some simple and really helpful things that 7 does that CS6, the new and improved one, doesn't. and a couple of them were things i used all the time. like the ability to drag a file from windows explorer directly into Photoshop, instead of having to always use the File menu. and when you have an image copied to the clipboard, if you open a new document in 7, it will automatically be the same dimensions as the image on your clipboard. these are two important things to me.

okay, you want to know what REALLY bugs me? almost every article i read, in Buzz Feed, Salon, NYT, i find typos. words left out, words switched around. do none of these places have competent copy readers? it is really annoying to be sailing along through some article and have a word be missing. it completely trips me up, i hate it. blargh. and these places are online, it's not like they are in print. they can go in and change things and correct them and it never seems to happen. okay, enough of that pet peeve.

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