Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

just off the path

i went and saw my nana today again. she looked great. had color in her cheeks and she was sitting up. we didn't stay long. about a half an hour after we got there they came to take her to get xrayed and we left because i was freaking out. she told us that one of the doctors was trying to talk her out of the surgery because the artery they are going to operate on isn't where it should be and it's going to be a production for the surgeon. i stared to get really worried and i didn't want her to see it. i asked her to have mom or dad call me tomorrow when she was out of surgery and if she could have visitors later in the day, we would come out and visit. i hope my parents call me. i'm going to be a wreck tomorrow.

lemme ask you a favor: if you are so inclined, please pray for her. i don't believe in prayer, but she does. and it can't hurt. thank you. i wouldn't ask if it weren't really really important. i just got her back, i don't want to lose her yet.

then, on the way home, as you probably surmised from the picture, we stopped by Kasey's memorial tree. i stood there and wept and cleaned off the plaque. it was on the other side of the park from my parent's house. they could see if they were looking, but i doubt they look. and it's near the opposite entrance to the park than they use, so it's pretty safe.

it's a nice tree, i don't know what kind. it's all naked due to the winter. it's by some other trees, just off the path.

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