Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i actually need to work on the writing part quite a bit, i picked bad letters. but the whole window onto photos i took is cool. i learned this blending of layers thing i never knew and tried to fake. now that i know it, i can do so much. but right now i'm following tutorials instead of branching out on my own and flying solo with my new tricks. that will come.

someone is trying to get a prescription in my name at a local CVS. they called for my insurance info, because of course, i'm not covered until they get me verified, so whoever it is, they're fucked. they're going to have to pay cash, or i may be able to call in time to stop it.

my twitter account was hacked. they added all these people to my timeline. didn't post in my name, though. strange, maybe i wasn't hacked, maybe it was just a twitter glitch. that's probably it.

back to the photoshop tutorials.

doc is asleep, i'm waiting for him to get up and feel better so we can go see my nana. he was sick all night. headache and congestion, bad bad stuff. i fed him toast, and now he's sleeping again.

i should be editing. i'm playing instead. oh well. at least i'm busy doing something creative.

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