Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a good day nearly over

i finally saw my nana. after 25 years. she looked so small. she was doing really well. her words were a bit slurry, or blurry, as she said, when i called her in the morning, but by the time the visit was over, she was fine. and she had no face droop at all. she was concerned about that. we talked for almost two hours. i'm going back tomorrow. i told her there were easier ways to get her oldest granddaughter to come and see her. but apparently that's what it took for my parents to let me see her.

she's so Betty White. she has an incredible sense of humor and the brightest blue eyes you ever want to see. she talked about being too old, i told her she would rock the house for years to come. and she will.

she is eager to get home. she has decided to stay in town to have the surgery she needs. that will be thursday. from what doc says, she will feel like a whole new person once that is done and will want to go out and run a marathon. so she's staying in town for that, which is good because i really didn't like her getting on a plane in her condition. i mean, she's doing really well, but she had a stroke and she's weak.

she asked about Karlee and Kelly. i said i hadn't heard from either one. it's true about Karlee. she told me how she used to take Karlee on trips, told me about their trip to the Holy Land when Karlee graduated high school. she told me she always used to get letters from Karlee when she was on her mission. letters from "Sister Egger". she misses Karlee a lot.

I don't think she's going to let me go home with her. we'll see. i know she doesn't "need" me to be there. she is fiercely independent, but i asked her, wouldn't it be nice to have the company? to have someone there, just in case? i'll talk to her more about it.

i would miss doc and the cats and especially chewy, but i could go out and take care of her and stare out over the Bay Area while editing the books. i could do all the little things around the house she's been meaning to get to. stuff that she doesn't want to bother my uncle with. i think we could be good for each other.

she seemed to like doc. she held his hand before we left.

SHE'S SO NORMAL. i forgot how nice she is. i idealized it in my head, but i was still afraid she would just be an older version of my mother. but she isn't. she is a wonderful, kind, emotional lady. and i am so glad i got to see her. i'm so glad i'm going back tomorrow.

i'm tired. i'm worn out from all the emotions of the last 6 days. an email reunion with my brother, my 14th wedding anniversary, my parents being dicks, and my nana' stroke and now a reunion with my nana. and things are just getting started. wow. i am worn out.

i want to go to sleep, but doc is asleep on the couch and there is no alarm in my room, so i can't go lay down in bed. i need to wake him up at 11. i think i'll go take a bath and relax with the rest of "Trout Fishing in America" by Richard Brautigan. it's a single sitting read i divided up into two sessions, to enjoy it more. i may re-read it immediately just because his style makes me so happy.

you'd think i'd be brimming with new poetry behind all this emotion, but i'm really not. i'm going to spend time at allpoetry tomorrow entering contests, so we'll see what i come up with. to advance another level on the site, i need points to sponsor a contest, to win the points, i need to win contests. and so far i've had two disqualifications and two honorable mentions. neither is getting me anywhere. i also need to comment on new users' stuff. 12 comments, i think. and another 20 on older users. it's a cool site. finally a poetry site where people have to interact with each other and comment on other people's work, not just slam theirs up there and go away.

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