Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i just had to make a really ugly web page to prod me.

i've been working on for the past 13 hours. it started out with adding little play buttons to the mp3's. then i made graphics of headings. then i rearranged the thumbsucking pages. then i renamed all (76) of my mp3's in the proper format and relinked them. then i cleaned out my site. and now i'm downloading the cleaned out site to a space on Blue Max to work from. i've moved some things around, so there are tweaks to be made. tomorrow i'm going to start on i'm going to take down the tribute to my sister and make it a central media site for Kelli and I. then i think i'll add more pages to the thumbsucking section. lastly i'm going to put in easter eggs. hidden links to pages not listed in the main links section. art and photography and such.

i did sleep for an hour and a half. but my afternoon nap and main evening sleep have been completely disrupted. i plan to get to bed around sunrise, maybe an hour before.

the book i wrote about my times in the hospitals and ECT and such . . . yeah, i'm going to publish that. as is. with photographs and poetry and raw journal entries included. i'm doing it for myself so i'm going to do it the way i envisioned it. as a fully immersive experience. so, instead of working on the studio for the next week, i'll be working on editing and formating the book.

i'll also be working on editing and adding to "Daisies" in preparation to move to a different publisher. i will also re-format "Unused Shorts" and Virgin Poet", two chapbooks, and publish them on so i will have two places i publish. the associate, and lulu.

i can really feel the new year, i didn't think i would. i haven't made any resolutions, just things to fail at. but i have been incredibly busy and motivated and inspired. a fresh beginning. a new year. yeah, i can dig that.

i have this vision of throwing myself into my artistic endeavors and widening my reach on the web. i plan to get my stuff onto and i'm going to encode my videos into mpegs and post them on and facespace, on my "professional" page. and also add my mp3s to myspace, it could take off again at any moment. i want it ready.

and during all of this, i will be writing new poetry to enter into contests on in the hopes i win a couple so i can hold a contest of my own and gain another level. i will also be commenting constantly on poetry on there. i'm starting to acquire a taste for poetry. there are certain kinds i like and certain kinds i don't. i'm still learning about them. and a really good poem is hard to find. basically, if i can find one good line and one good thing to say about a piece, i comment. i don't have to like the whole piece. but i am going to keep in mind it is all a cyberworld. facespace that rhymes. not important in the scheme of things.

this damn website is never going to finish downloading. i had no idea i had so many pictures up there. time to show some of them off. that's what the easter eggs will be for.

i'm really excited to finally be inspired to do all of this stuff that has been languishing. i just had to make a really ugly web page to prod me.

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