Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


did you know that you can block people on i found that out last night. some guy had gone through my board of memes and posted all sorts of racist and teabilly shit in the comments. i was able to delete the comments and keep him from seeing my boards or commenting any further. i didn't know pinterest would think to do that. good idea. never ever thought i would need something like that on that site, of all the social networking sites, not that one. strange.

i wrote a poem for a contest and submitted the first draft, straight off the top of my head. and it got an honorable mention. i wonder what i could do if i tried. i'm getting so much feedback. so far not so many helpful things. the haiku advice was helpful, but that's a course i'm taking, it is supposed to be helpful. the comments that do critique offer advice i turn away out of hand. things like "good work to one person, now make it to everyone," yeah, i don't see me doing that. or the thing about taking out the "ands" - not going to happen. they are in there for a certain rhythm and they stay. i do it a lot, i'm aware of it, i know it's not conventional, and i do it anyway. kind of like not capitalizing journal entries. but the rest of the compliments have been complimentary/encouraging. it's a nice ego boost, but i hope as i'm around more i can garner more critical commentary. i might even edit something.

i left the studio a mess yesterday, so i didn't take pictures. all of my art stuff is spread out on the dining room table. when it's warm i will be able to fill up both of my work tables with art journaling/collage stuff.

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