Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now i'm ready for a nap

spend a few hours on a new site and get introduced to a whole new set of snark. people are savages, no matter where you go. reminder to never do anything i will resent, for fear i will take it out on whomever i am doing it for.

i recommend for all poets and aspiring poets. they have a system where you have to comment on others' work to post your own. so you are guaranteed to get some interaction. i'm getting feedback on my work for the first time in a long time. they also have contests. they are only for points that you use to give to others and hold contests of your own. but be careful, each one is different, and the rules can sometimes be complicated. all around, a really cool place. a lot of bad poetry. well, maybe it isn't bad. i just don't like it. a lot about god and a lot of stuff that tries too hard to rhyme. not a lot of free verse going on there. i did find a group for free verse, but you have to fill out an application and wait to be accepted. smacks of social media to me, but i'll go with it for now.

i worked in the studio. and i worked on my site. i don't like what i did, though doc does. i don't know. i worked in my altered book. i got out all my art journaling supplies and spread them out in an organized fashion on the dining room table. then i spent three hours on the allpoetry site.

now i'm ready for a nap.

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