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Cydniey Buffers

i'm not investing too much into this, so they can't hurt me.

i have to take pictures of the studio today. i got those boxes emptied that i wanted to empty and the table i wanted, moved into place. today i will stack that high with stuff, all organized, of course. the shelves over the table are filling up with the jars and coffee cans of craft supplies they used to be filled with. the storage areas are filling up.

i've found everything i need to delve very deeply into the altered book. i know half the joy of creating is talking/thinking about it beforehand. i found my cutout punches and my weird edged scissor collection. and two boxes of scraps and things to glue and cut and arrange and paint and color. i found all of my crayons. and i have a bin of magazines and more scraps. i'm all set. just as soon as i have rubber cement. it always seems i need one more thing. heh.

yesterday doc emptied out the last box of stuff we got from the woman who lived across the street. there were a few more pieces of crockery, and these beautiful batik Balinese artworks on linen paper, all folded up like they were nothing. there are about 8 pieces, they are gorgeous. i'll take pictures of them. i am going to iron them and then roll them up and put them away in a cardboard tube until we can afford to have them framed. they are big, too. 16" x 24" at least. simply brilliant. they would look really good on that blank wall in the hallway. maybe i'll figure out some way to hang them that won't damage them and hang them in the hallway before i can get them framed. they really are too beautiful to keep put away. wait until you see them, you won't believe we just found them in a box folded up like newspaper.

i finally got a long, solid block of sleep. 7 hours. this afternoon and evening. then i slept again for a couple more hours until i felt better. i'm fighting off a sick with copious amounts of orange juice. i was going to make some chicken soup, but it all seems to have been eaten. so i won't. i'm not feeling so congested now, maybe i'll have some yogurt.

doc is trying to sleep while the cats are trying to have their active time. things are not going well. usually i let them run wild at night, and tonight i'm chasing them all around with a water gun. stop meowing, Major. Tulip, get out of the cabinets. Felix, stop trying to open the closet door. Simon, get the fuck off the table. Vader, oh, no, sorry, roll back over and go to sleep, not you. Evie, do not try to eat Lelu. Chewy, get off daddy's chest. Doc, you're wheezing, go hit the nebulizer. ack!

i just spent 45 minutes organizing my mp3 folder, and i still can't decide what to listen to. though when i do, i will be able to find it more easily.

speaking of which, listen to this (NSFW) on your headphones

it was made years ago. i don't even read this piece (Share) live. it's too embarrassing. it's the most erotic poem i've ever written. but i haven't listened to the music forever. and i don't know that i ever listened to the one above. i wasn't into dance mixes at the time they were made, there were a few songs all told. one i can't find the maker of. one maker swore me off after i made an ethical faux pas. and one maker disappeared into the ether. now i love these songs. here, i'll link the rest of them, try them out. you can't really dance to them, but you can relax to them.
and the lost one, one that hasn't been posted anywhere:

i've been dying to have more made, but i can't seem to hook up with the right people, or inspire the right people. i have a ton of DJs on my twitter feed, but no takers. the above were made with recordings posted online, i didn't do any special recording for them. but i could. if you know anyone musically inclined, point them to my spoken word and see if anything inspires them. if you know how i can connect with music makers, please let me know. i hooked up with the others in the past through precious little good that does me now. i'm still on myspace, i redid my profile to their new specifications, but no one else is on there.

i want doc to get up so i can record more. i'm in the mood, sitting here listening to myself. listening to myself and to music at the same time, in concert. this is bliss, i tell you. this is my every fantasy come true. i am so in love with my own voice, i could listen to this stuff all day. that's how i know i have a take when i'm recording, if i enjoy listening to it when it's done. if i don't, i go back and read it again and try to put more into it until i'm happy with it. someday i'll rent a studio. maybe if i make audio versions of my books, i'll get a studio for it. or i may just hang blankets in the garage and make myself a studio.

ack! i have so many windows open! i'm working on a hundred things at once. i'm trying to make something of my recent selfies in photoshop, designing a CD label, organizing my individual mp3s (what a mess that folder is) and reading an email and facespace.

our neighbors have been throwing away prime furniture lately. the house to the left got rid of a night table that needed to be fixed, so i brought it in and doc fixed it and now he has a night table. then yesterday, the people up the street got rid of a dresser top that is a case and big mirror with a light over it. so now we have a big mirror in the dining room. plus the round glass table top from last week, these people are winners! keep it coming. my house is looking up.

i'm still waiting to see if they are getting rid of the carpet in the house across the street. hope hope hope. i'm close to going over and asking them about it. just to see.

how badly do i want to see my Nana? i messaged my mom and asked her if we could arrange a time for them to pick me up at the old apartments. i'm risking being stuck with them, with my bloody fake teeth in, for however long, just to get a chance to say hello to my Nana for the first time in too many years. i've talked to her on the phone, but i haven't seen her for forever. i keep wanting to go out and visit her, and my cousin, Teneal, but i can never get it together to do so. so now i'm waiting to see if my mom messages me back or blows me off. i'm not investing too much into this, so they can't hurt me.

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