Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yes. yes. . . . . .

okay then. i -

redid the mp3 page, including graphic
recorded 6 new pieces
redid the logo graphic on the front page
tweeted and facespaced about it
analyzed my traffic
changed my facespace selfie, i mean profile picture

then i -

emptied the dishwasher
did the dishes and stacked them in the empty dishwasher to dry
scooped the litter boxes
took the garbage out
cleaned up all the wrapping paper
cleaned and filled the water dishes

so it isn't that i'm not productive during my early mornings. i am. more so every passing day. each day i add another chore to the things i do without being reminded. each day i work harder to get along with doc and demand less from him. each day i try to love a cat more. walk the dog another time. get up, get out. do stuff. something, something creative if possible. i have to troubleshoot some weird sound distortion going on, you may notice it in the pieces from today, if you know what is causing it, please let me know, it's driving me crazy and i haven't changed anything since i recorded the other night. in a couple of pieces, near the end you can hear Major meowing down the hall. pitiful creature. we really have no idea why he does that.

i wonder if i can talk doc into taking me to lowes to get some half off lights, i should check the website and see if they are on sale. hmm . . they don't say on the website or in the online add. we'll have to go check.

i have a set of net lights i found stashed away while i was cleaning out the garage. i think i'm going to put them on the ceiling of the garage over my half so that i can get more light. they won't be visible when the garage door is up but it will only be up during the day. so, not a problem. lighting is an issue out there. i need to get a couple of utility lights and point them at the worktables. i'm thinking of turning my glass table into a light table. i'm not sure i need to do that, but it's an option.

the temp is going up slowly today. can't wait to get out to the studio. got a friggin list of stuff i want to do. open the big door and move the bikes out is the first of them. they are in the way of the boxes i'm going to go through. then i'm going to put a large end table next to the work table and put some stuff on it and under it to organize further. yes. yes. . . . . .

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