Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Merry Christmas!!

so many presents!! i made out like a bandit! Thank you Cryo and Lilliane for the FABU quiche pan and delicious socks i don't dare wear because they are just too cute! Thank you seaivy for the wonderful ornament. doc said "why is santa's nose funny?" and i had to tell him because it wasn't santa it was a snowman. he's so thick sometimes. Thank you Tech Fairy for the delicious goodies.

and then there's Kelli. she is a flawless gift giver to me. we got Bedbugs, the game (yeah, i know, very funny), toys for the cats, toys for the dog, candy and cookies. and a new beanie hat for me and stripey gloves. the cats are all playing in the wrapping paper with their new toys. Chewy is whipping the shit out of the little stuffed skunk she sent. he's afraid of the squeaky sheep she sent him, we don't know why.

doc is making waffles and sausages for breakfast. we talked to his mom. oh, the guilt. we've not been back since we moved out here and i know they blame me for taking him away from them. this year he will work out a trip. his dad wouldn't even talk to him. i talked to his mom. she's so funny. she doesn't believe in "crazy", so she doesn't know how to handle me. so she is very careful until i act normal for a bit, then she slips into her mom routine. they got my card. she was impressed i got my shit together enough to send out cards this year.

now for breakfast, a bit of rest, and some painting. then doc goes out to play santa and i will record some more poems. i tried last night while he was sleeping but i was too self conscious. then he goes to sleep at 4 and to work at 12:30.

he pointed out i have until the 3rd to see my nana, so i can go after the holidays and avoid any of that crap surrounding it. and i'll have more minutes on the first, so maybe i can call them then. i'll try to message my mom in the meantime.

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