Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

joy and trepidation

my paint stuff came today! the box of color-filled paint tubes, the brushes in their canvas case and the canvas boards were all waiting for me when i got home from Chewy's walk this evening.

but, kids! i'm not ready! the studio isn't ready. i thought i would have a few more days, and i was going to devote the next two days to it. but i haven't yet, and i want to use the stuff! i have to wait until i'm ready.

i'm making a lot of headway in the studio. the utility shelves that were stuffed full of random boxes has been cleaned off and the boxes cleaned out, and everything put back up. i have two clear shelves now. it's coming fast. open a box, take each item out and either put it away or throw it away. then pack up what doesn't fit into those two categories into the box, seal it up, label it and stack it to the side to be taken to storage. it's going well. my stuff will be organized and cleaned very soon.

the lights tonight were gorgeous. i love that cactus garden. didn't see the pictures? here's the link to them on my sister page. some are blurry, i haven't yet gotten the hang of slow shutter speeds. but most of these turned out really nice. i have a video i'll likely post on youtube, too. i didn't take much video, but it's pretty.

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