Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

after January 4th, sure, but not until then.

the celebration continued today with a nice dinner at the dining room table. you have to understand, we haven't had a table to eat on for 14 years. and when we got one, it was immediately covered with doc's stuff. he cleared it off for thanksgiving and today we used it again. we had a nice dinner with whole wheat 4 cheese tortellini and garlic bread with salad. doc had a salad. i ate some off his plate. i won't commit to a whole salad myself unless it's a Caesar.

i'm not making fudge and candied nuts this year. with the purchase of the paints, we really didn't have the money to get the supplies. so i'll make candy for Valentine's day. i don't like packaged chocolates and neither does doc (except truffles!) so the candy will be well recieved. and maybe i can find some heart tins or something to give some away. so instead, i'm making chocolate chip cookies, which i might put chocolate into, and chocolate chip raisin oatmeal cookies. that will complete my cookie making.

tomorrow night we are going to the Ethel M Chocolates Cactus Garden. some may remember i went last year and had many good pictures of the fairy light wrapped cacti. this place makes me so happy. when i get there, i go into a happiness fugue state where i am only capable of gaping and taking pictures. it is up to doc to steer and propel me. last year there were a lot of people so i raced through it. tomorrow i'm anticipating no one being there, so i will take it slow. i'm going to make the most awesome video footage and make a video with it to one of my poems. it will be great!

then, xmas eve, doc is playing Santa to R and to N's kids. taking over baked goods and gifts. i'm sorry i won't get to be there to see it, but i trust doc. maybe i'll send him with the camera to get R's reaction to the dinosaurs. then i can frame that picture for J for mother's day. see, i could keep this going indefinitely.

i feel good about my gift giving. i'm glad i decided to do it. usually we don't have anyone to give presents to. this year is nice. i got to send a big package of goodies to kelli and i get to make a few kids happy. i like that. plus i know that our friends will have plenty to watch and entertain themselves with over xmas day.

i guess doc's taking the truck to work. he's not getting up for his "bike" time, so i'll get him up for his "truck" time. he didn't go to bed until late, i'll let him sleep another hour. poor baby has two days off this week. tuesday and wednesday. so we might do the BBQ rib spectacular on xmas eve instead of day because we'll have more time to enjoy it, then we can make the quiche the main meal for xmas. that sounds about right.

i'm letting doc pick out the quiche filling and he is giving me no clues what he's going to pick. the only no-nos are mushrooms and olives. i think he's going to go for a spinach and feta, because we have frozen spinach in the freezer and he has a coupon for Feta cheese. maybe he'll surprise me with broccoli for a cheddar quiche, but i don't think he will.

why am i so cold? it's only 46 outside, not exactly cold. i'm on the couch, perched on the edge, with the laptop on the coffee table and the space heater on the floor in between. so i'm hunched over it and it is blasting hot air at me and it isn't enough! *sniffle* i am NOT getting sick. after January 4th, sure, but not until then.

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