Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Cowboy State

I'm getting up on a soapbox, but i don't know how long i'll there. I keep reading about these "rogue" cops who arrest people for having too much glitter on their signs, or performing strip searches on the basis that the suspect seemed to be "clenching his buttocks as he got out of the car". But it isn't "rogue" cops. it's Most cops. Everywhere. Even here, in the city of sin. The Suburbs of Suspicion.

Doc went out one night to meet a friend on his way home from somewhere who was on foot. They set up to meet in a busy area with lots of people so they weren't just hanging out in the dark. Doc took the friend some prepared food to eat at the bus stop, which he put into a plastic grocery bag. As he and this guy were talking, a cop flashed his lights and siren, even though they were standing still, and pulled over and got out of his car. "So, what's in the bag, boys?" (doc is in his 40's, the cop was i his 30's, but still got called "boy") "Food", says doc. "Sure, lemme see it." and he dumps the bag out on the ground, breaking the dish the food was in.

"Oh, okay, it's food."
"Aren't you going to apologize for being wrong and breaking my wife's dish?"
"For all I know, you were about to firebomb that church over there,"

then the cop started harassing doc's friend (a brown person) and ended up arresting him for drug paraphernalia for an alligator clip in his pocket, which our friend shouldn't have been carrying. but he got arrested for it, backed by racial profiling. when bullying the white guy didn't satisfy him enough, he profiled the brown guy and got lucky.

and the fucker broke my dish, oh yeah, and made doc clean the food and broken dish off the sidewalk. and quizzed him about the registration and insurance and license for the scooter, none of which are legally needed. and lied to doc and told him if he didn't have insurance, he could be arrested. LIE. it was after doc snubbed that, that the cop turned to our friend and started questioning him and eventually put him up against the car to frisk. and he made doc leave before he arrested our friend. i guess so there was no witness.

fuckin' pathetic.

and that isn't the only Cowboy Law we've experienced here. when doc got all the illegal tickets on his scooter, that the charges and fines were eventually dropped for, when he came in front of the judge, she saw it was a scooter and said, "oh i hate these things." so, not only is she judging from a position of bias, but she just openly admitted it in front of the court. bitchcunt.

i'm sick of this. they think they are so big and above the law, and they are just bullies with badges. frustrated little boys who carry guns.

all right. i'm done now. i just had to get that off my chest.

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