Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so i will be able to go through other things before getting too cold.

something is amiss. Amazon only charged our card for $23-something. i have a feeling this is going to get complicated.

i got four solid hours of sleep. i feel good.

i had a dream where, first i was in a position to care what my dad thought. i was having this dream where i was with my dad, trying too hard to impress him, and i somehow told him about the animals. and he pronounced me a Bad Fur Mommy because i have so many and can't possibly love them all enough.

but i do! am i a bad Fur Mommy, guys? do i have too many to possibly make this a success? we have a problem with peeing in doc's room. Evie and Vader are doing it. doc insisted yesterday we had too many cats and that's why it was happening. and apparently i've been bothered by that ever since. i get them to the vet, and i DO love them, constantly. my life is nothing but the animals. all day i am petting, soothing, playing with or opening the door for a cat or two.

i found a couple of poems i wrote long ago when i was hosting the poetry readings at Kaos Kafe. i haven't read them yet. they were from a really angry time and i've been trying to distance myself from that person lately. so i wasn't really interested in reading them when i found them. i'll read them and maybe share them later. maybe, if they're good enough, i'll post them on and see if anyone else likes them. right now i just don't want to turn on the lights. the sun will be up in a few minutes.

it's still 50 out so i didn't miss my opportunity to work in the studio by sleeping last night.

Tulip is all over me today. Meowing and nufling and being a general ball of nuisance. purring little ball. furry little ball.

oh yeah, i made a fresh pot of coffee, and i'm sitting here drinking this thrice reheated cup o' swill. got to go switch that up. ahh . . . much better.

i'm listening to a recording made live at a radio studio of Johnette and the band messing around and playing. it's fun to listen to. it reminds me of their shows i used to go to at Graffitti in Pittsburgh. back in the day. these are Vintage memories, kids. they are valuable.

i sold more happy meal toys. a couple that i never thought would sell, i now wonder if i priced them too low. what am i saying, that's a really mercenary way to look at things. i got them free. anything i make is profit. so why am i complaining. they are selling. and steadily, too. which makes up for the complete lack of jewelry sales for the month. if only i had an endless supply of Happy Meal toys . . . oh, i seemingly do. she gave me three large boxes of them. she saved them for 15 years before handing any over to me. and i've held onto them for 15.

the best thing is that Fire Mountain Gems accepts PayPal, so i can order chain and cording from there when i have enough. then i don't have to bother doc at all with it. i'm really into businesses that accept PayPal. so far, my web host, FMG and the post office take it, that i know of.

doc should get his impact driver today (i mock it but it's a power tool, i'm kidding no one, i will be using it for something it was never intended for at some point) and socket set. then he can fix his scooter. and we don't have to see B. for once, his constant exposition on what he's doing whilst fixing doc's bike is coming in handy. doc knows just what he needs to do to replace the belt that broke. then he can ride it and we can do to the dollar store. DOLLAR STORE!! i only get to go a few times a year. i always get $20 and change for the tax to spend. it's an event for me. you tend to take things like that for granted. you guys can jot down to the dollar store whenever the whim strikes. i leave the neighborhood three times a year. and to be able to go shopping and get 20 things is . . . incredible. i am a great consumer of candles. i would have them burning all the time if i could.

the last time i was at the dollar store they were selling packs of tea light candles for twenty five cents, they were my favorite scent from the previous visit, so i jumped at it and spent three dollars on candles that day. i've been candle lit happily ever since, i just used the last of them the other day. and you can find weird foreign cookies and candies at the dollar store. i love that. hardly is the time i don't come home with some french canadian box of goodies. and the picture frames! one of the places doc goes, the one i'm going to next, has an entire row of picture frames.

not only do i have to get one for J, but i need 12 for a wall installation i'm working on. i'm picking my favorite sunsets and arranging them in the hallway. it's hard. i've gotten so many great pictures of sunsets here. it's hard to decide on just 12. and just when i think i've got them all chosen, i take a new picture and i have to add it to the mix.

i put too much sugar in my coffee. gah. holy sugar rush.

the temp is dropping, why? oh, there it goes back up. must have been a glitch.

okay. pipe. coffee. remote. a half hour of news, then out to the studio. i looked in that box i'm set to go through and there is much less stuff in it than i thought. so i will be able to go through other things before getting too cold.

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