Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

their music makes me happy

got all the presents i have wrapped. i still have to get a picture frame. but i wrapped everything nicely and found a box for the dinosaur toys for the kid. and then i printed out xmas tags with their names printed on them. all i have to do is the picture frame and the tin of goodies, which i have yet to make. that kid will have a merry xmas from me, dammit. and so will J. i could care less if B's holiday is happy.

i ordered my paints. doc got more money than he thought he was getting, so we can afford to pay our bills, buy groceries, get the bike, get the paint set-up and coast on a little emergency cash. feels good. a weight is off me. i thanked doc for the paints, and then told him i wouldn't ask for anything else for a long time. he said he owed me. whatever. i could win the lottery and not be able to pay him back.

so my paints will be here the day after xmas. with the canvas boards. the brushes won't arrive for another week. facespace set up a year in review for each of it's users. this is mine, it's kind of neat.

i just paid my webhost and bought Chewy a new $2 sweater from China with my Ebay profits. i almost got chewy an entire wardrobe, but decided against it because i wasn't sure about his size. the sweater i got is supposed to run small, so i got him a medium one. hopefully it won't be too big on him.

i finally got some sleep this evening. my sleeping in the evenings is really putting a cramp in my walking the dog schedule. so i haven't toured the neighborhood to see the xmas lights yet.

i got my present from Kelli today. i'll wrap it tonight and put it under the tree. it's heavy. i have no clue what she got me. she told me it was something she couldn't resist getting for me. i'm so curious. but i won't open it.

i have to make a shopping list for doc. cream for the quiche . . . cheese for the quice . . . spinach and broccoli and feta. that will do the quiche muffins. then we have the pork ribs (nom nom nom) and i guess i'll get some cornbread mix. i could make it from scratch, but no. then we need a vegetable that goes with BBQ but not collard greens. i suppose we could get some frozen corn on the cob and make the best of it. i know the secret to making delicious sweet corn on the cob: add some sugar to the water you're boiling it in, yep. that's the big chef's secret. sugar in the water. makes the corn nice and sweet without making it too sweet.

Felix has Lelu cornered and she is hissing and he is howling and the dog is barking at both of them telling them to quit. he barks at them a couple of times, then comes to me, like "why aren't they listening to me?" and it's so cute. i don't understand why Felix is howling when he has Lelu cornered. oh, someone just lunged, there goes the dog. finally i step it, "Felix, knock it off!" "Arf Arf!" "Hiss-fft" . . . it's a chorus.

i'm getting my paints for new years! yeah yeah yeah! i will go out to the studio and do the happy dance while i unpack stuff. i made a new disc to play out there . . . but i don't want to listen to it now. it's all Concrete Blonde, all my favorite songs from their entire canon. but i'm looking for something more . . . i'm not sure. maybe i'll troll youtube for some old 80's music. maybe some Bronski Beat is what i need. if not i'll fall back on Gaga. or xmas music.

it's still 50 out. warm enough for the studio. it will be like that for another couple of hours. another cup of coffee and out. it's got to be ready by the time my paints arrive because the first thing i'm going to want to do is paint everything i can find. it's been a good 20 years since i had anything to paint with besides craft paint and house paint. i've done some great stuff with those mediums, don't get me wrong, but craft paint is too wet to use on paper successfully and at $2 per color, it's cost prohibitive. and to have small canvas boards to work on . . . that is going to be great. i can learn new techniques for transferring images and collage.

Simon has decided it's time for me to pay attention to him. so i guess i have to go.

The Blind Boys from Alabama are on Colbert, i love them so much. maybe that's the CD i will make. their music makes me happy.

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