Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what a day

someday i'm going to type one of these out and not fix any of my typos and see if any of you can figure out what i'm trying to say.

some of my Happy Meal toys sold. which is very cool. i didn't get any more listed today, but i'm not concerned about it, i'll do it tomorrow.

doc informed me that i am NOT doing his side of the garage for him. he's terrified i'll break something. he has nothing breakable. whatever. less for me to do.

we're having a Southern Feast for xmas. doc's parents sent us 2 - 1lb racks of smoked and sauced pork ribs. so i'm going to make super mac and cheese and cornbread and we're going to grill the ribs outside because we can. we may even set up the firepit and eat outside. i may make potato salad, too. bring a bit of summer to the holiday season. it seems so wildly inappropriate. it begs to be done. i won't make colard greens because neither of us will eat them.

kelli sent my xmas present today. i have to assert control and wrap it when it gets here and not open it. just make it pretty and put it under the tree.

UPS HR has gone insane. they want me to verify not only that i am a dependent, but that i am a person. they want to see my birth certificate and social security card. okay. they actually suggested i send them the original documents and keep photocopies for myself. are they high?

so i installed the scanner on the old laptop, and Photoshop and then scanned in the documents. we'll submit them electronically. send them the originals, right.

then, for good measure, i installed the mp3 player and put xmas music on it. this takes more steps than it sounds like. i had to hook up the USB hub, then get the stick with the software and use it. then find my firewire, it was right where i left it. then put the xmas music from the laptop or blue max on a stick and take it over to the old laptop and transfer it. i guess it's not that much, it was just overwhelming. i was doing that and scanning the documents and putting them on another stick, and printing out zentangles from the new laptop. i guess i just told myself it was a lot because i was multi-tasking.

i'm so tired. i lay down at 3 and fell asleep at 6 and then woke up at 8 and lay there until 9:30. then i got up and got ready or doc to wake up and get ready for work. so . . . about three and half hours sleep for the last 24. and a whole lot of laying down. one of the problems i have is with restless leg syndrome. it hits me as soon as i lay down and get comfortable. usually i have to take a hot bath to make it stop. today i suffered through it, twitching my leg when it got to be too much. the cats stayed off of me during that time. and i took two ambien. i should have slept.

Chewy is after Tulip again. it's so cute the way he growl/talks to her. it's too dark to film, so i'm just going to sit back and relax and watch it.

i have to remember i have an appointment with the cable company at 8 tomorrow morning. maybe we'll finally get In Demand. it's a free service, and i'm finding they really don't care if it works or not. but they are a good cable company and as soon as you call, they send someone out to fix it. i even get to pick the time they are coming. i wanted to get it over with, so i scheduled it as early as i could.

i think i'm going to go lay down. maybe i can sleep tonight if i turn off the tv and lights. i should go to bed, but i'm just too addicted to sleeping on the couch. it's more comfortable than my bed. my bed makes my back hurt. i think i need a real mattress. just sleeping on the floor on a thin futon mattress is not for me anymore.

i have to pack up stuff to mail tomorrow. ebay packages and kelli's present. i didn't do it today, i was too busy playing with the computer and baking cookies. 1/3 of which i burned. sinful.

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