Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

but they still eat it too fast for me to keep up.

i cleaned the kitchen and made cookie dough. i had to melt the butter because it was frozen and i'm no good at microwave defrosting. so it's in the fridge firming up. the dishes that i hand washed should be dry in a few minutes and the dishwasher will be done an emptied before doc gets home at 11. and the cookies will be made.

and i will be out in the studio with the big door open. along with clearing out the two drawers and garbage bags, i want to move an end table to the end of my six foot table so i can put wrapping paper and such on it.

i've gathered all of the zentangles i have pinned, and i'm going to put them on legal paper sized backgrounds and print them out for the studio. i can pin some up, but i mainly want to have them for sketching out there. they will inspire me. and tech me techniques i don't know.

the snickerdoodle recipe i found that i liked called for Cream of Tartar, which i omitted because i don't have it. i don't think i'll need it. though the flour isn't self rising. i think it will work out fine. argh, i can't wait for the dough to stiffen! i'm planning to have those for breakfast. oh, yeah, that reminds me that i was going to make biscotti for doc for the holidays. i'll make it when he's not around and surprise him with it in his stocking.

so much baking and cooking! and i still haven't decided what to make for xmas dinner. i think we're going to get munchie things for dinner and just graze and watch Farscape and enjoy each other's company. since we're able to enjoy each other's company. it seems like the thing to do, not to get all mushy about it.

i got two xmas cards, one from Pgh. Leslie and one from my adopto-mom, kelli's mom. she included pictures of kelli and her niece with her cats. we trade cat pictures for her niece. so now i have three xmas cards. and that's all i'm expecting, really. i'm pretty happy. i have them up on the cable box and tv for display. i should move the prescription bottle that's also up there, it doesn't go with the whole motif.

i did the litterboxes, too. i've been doing that compulsively lately. doc hasn't had to remind me at all. i'm also getting better with feeding and watering the beasties. Chewy's bowl is too big for him, so i fill it and it lasts about three days, provided Tulip and Major don't get into it. and the cats have a Forever Feeder, which is a misnomer. it's a three day feeder with this group. less than that since we've been out of tinned food for them. we'll get more for tomorrow's meal, but times have been lean. poor babies have had to deal with just premium crunchy food. we splurged on it, knowing we would have to take away their wet food. it was the cheaper alternative. since they are hungrier, they will want to eat more, ergo, giving them a filling food would make them eat about the same. but they still eat it too fast for me to keep up.

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