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it's so precious.

what a strange night. i never did go completely to sleep. the animals came up in a parade last night. both times i was trying to sleep. the first, when doc was sleeping for work, the second, after he left. and all of them wanted to be in my face. even Major. they curled up next to me with their heads on my pillow. each one in turn. now the kitten is playing with phantoms in the comfy chair and Major is howling and Felix has gone out for the morning. Simon makes the mistake of trying to sleep on my actual head. that doesn't work. i can't breathe eventually.

i didn't get any work done in the studio. i am starting to figure something out though, to go outside and do something, everything must be done in here first. the kitchen wasn't clean. that's his area, and i've been doing it. so i left it for a day or two. i waited in vain for him to clean it up yesterday, and he didn't. and i never felt right going out to the studio. so strange. so i will do the dishes in another hour here and have all that done. i also need to clean off the dining room table. since cleaning it off i have become fanatical about it. it has to be cleaned off. and doc keeps crapping it up with his boy stuff. i'll clean that off. i know he likes the table being clean, he keeps eating at it.

once those things are done i think i can go out side. like i said, i have a set of things i mean to do in there and i want to get to them so i can move onto the next project. there is so much to do, it's like i will never just get to make art in there. but i will.

and i have to find that other tub of happy meal toys. i can get half of that listed today, and the other half tomorrow. my sales are getting viewers. this is a good thing. though viewers hasn't helped me sell my jewelry. this is different, this is compulsion and obsession buying we're dealing with here. all i need is to have the piece that someone needs for their collection. that's just a matter of time.

i'm so concerned with selling things because #1: we need money badly, we are broke again until tomorrow evening because all the cash we got in we spent on cable and insurance, to get them paid early, and #2: i want this stuff out of my house, and #3: the money i make on ebay is my discretionary money to do with what i want. i want to buy those painting supplies, and i need to buy Chewy a sweater.

But Chewy has a sweater, you say. oh no, i say. he got out through the fence the other day with his sweater on and came home without it. i took him on a walk and let him lead, so that he would take me on his route. he did, but no sweater. i was alarmed to find out he runs up and down Rawhide, a nearby street that is really wide and straight and so even though it goes through neighborhoods and school zones, people speed like mad down it. the cops love that street, it's a quota maker. but i don't like the idea of my little doggy running down it at the whim of his snout. so today, doc and i are taking a roll of screen i scavenged years ago knowing i would eventually have a use for it, and putting screening overlapping the chicken wire. should look nice and white trash by the time we're done, but no one sees that area.

doc still hasn't gotten the scooter fixed. yesterday was J's day off, so B could have come over without the kid, but doc couldn't get a hold of him all day. doc even has cash for him. cash we can't spend on milk because it's for the precious B, whenever he shows up. and meanwhile, doc is taking his bike/buses to work and hoping that as each bus pulls up, it isn't already full of bikes. getting to work an hour early and having to just sit there, and then taking two and a half hours to get home in the morning. he could take the truck, but the truck isn't legal. it needs a tune-up to pass the smog test to get it registered and we just don't use it enough to justify the expense. it's time to justify the expense. he takes it out occasionally, or with me.

why with me? because i am a cop repellent. i've been pulled over once, and i was following someone else who got away, and i was being VERY bad. i've been pulled over in the passenger seat only once, and Mike was being VERY bad, there was no excusing us either time. but for most things, like driving an unregistered vehicle, i'm a good luck charm. doc can drive right past a cop who can see the lack of license plates and the guy just smiles at us.

i don't know if i'm getting the ornaments from my parents. i was ready to go yesterday. (in spite of what doc thinks, this is no small deal to me. i don't want to do it and i want to get it over with as soon as possible.) but doc wasn't. and he didn't get ready. so we just sat here. he fails for yesterday, come to think of it. he crapped up the table again and messed up the kitchen and didn't take me to get my ornaments. no wonder he hugged me when he left. he was feeling guilty. uh huh. he did go out and get me baking sugar yesterday, though, but i fear that was only because he wanted rum and they were at the same store.

so, baking it is! i have enough brown sugar to make two more batches. i have 4 pounds of unsalted butter and 8 pounds of sugar and a dozen eggs. i'll make snickerdoodles and heath bar crunch chip. that should keep doc in cookies at work. he gives the cookies to all the middle aged ladies and they bring him food the next day. some of them gave cookies back, they went to a cookie exchange and brought him back all manner of cookies. so i'll keep him set up for the holidays.

why has doc been doing the same thing for the same company for years and not moving up? he doesn't want to. the only up for him is to management. there is little worse than being UPS management. he doesn't want to deal with the office politics and bullshit. so he stays in his job, getting raise after raise, bringing in his numbers even though he spends roughly one day a week at home. his manager recently approached him again about training to become a supervisor, doc just laughed. i don't know what his long term plans are, but he seems content in his job. we both want him to work for Zappos, because better. but then he would have to deal with the general public again and now he does phone support for other employees.

after ten years of trying, i finally read Anne Rice's "Memnoch the Devil". it gets so weird, i always got lost in the prose and lost touch with the plot and gave up. this time i soldiered through. and it was worth it, i guess. i don't understand. i saw the ending coming, but i still don't quite get it. i think i need to know more about God and the Devil to completely get it.

now i'm reading her "Merrick" on the computer and Stephen King's "Rage" in the bath. i think one of them will have to go on hold because the two do not mesh quite right.

oh, wow, it's 6 already. that's what i get for reading.

i joined a site called Spark's Notes. an online version of Cliff's Notes. i surfed it for a while and finally gave up on it, i couldn't decide what to read up on. they have book anayisis, standardized test prep, and subject prep. i want to dive in. but i want to have the book i'm studying. i think i have a copy of Hamlet out, i'll do that. it's been high school since i read Hamlet, and since college since i saw it on the big screen. i've forgotten most of what i knew about it. i also really want to study "To Kill a Mockingbird". i don't know what else i could learn from it. i know that book almost by heart. so i'm looking forward to learning something new about it.

i posted a video on http;// of Chewy and Tulip fighting/playing. it's so precious.

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