Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

or doc will feel unloved.

i expressed the wish to make cookies and doc scampered off to the store to get me sugar and him beer. he'll need the beer to roll those balls of cookie dough out. heh.

we got more footage of Chewy and Tulip going at it today. i think we're going to collect snippets of fights and put them together. i will learn one of my video editing programs and figure out how to put the film clips together. then i'll post the video.

i listed 11 sales on ebay. rare happy meal toys you don't find anymore. or you don't find in the packages. i have them in the packages. so i emptied out one box of happy meal toys, photographed and listed them. ebay has made it really easy to list things. fill out three things, you're set to go. and ebay figures out the postage and gives you a discount if you buy postage through them. now i just have to sit and wait for the stuff to sell. but i have a much better chance of that now that they are listed.

i've decided i'm going to wrap all ten movies i'm giving kelli, individually. heh. we were talking about the joy of opening presents. so i figured, hey, i have all this wrapping paper i have had ten years. why not use it up?

i'm bored. i need to go out to the studio and work. i'll go do that. after i finish my coffee. always after i finish my coffee. we just made a new pot, i have to drink some of it. or doc will feel unloved.

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