Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

just let it be a spectacular show

it's not yet 6am and i've already negotiated two tentative peace agreements. the first, between Simon and Chewy, that came at 4. when Simon stepped on Chewy and Chewy snapped at him and he fwapped Chewy in the face. i got that one taken care of and they seem to be living in harmony curled up on the couch. the second accord was between the baby, Tulip, and Evie. Evie wants to eat the baby. and Tulip doesn't want to be eaten. so i mediated with them and so far . . . oh no, talks have broken down between the two parties, into hissing. i tried.

doc and i are going to to the dollar store to get stocking stuffers. we figure if we get things early, we will forget what we're getting by xmas. i know what i'm getting him for big gifts. we went through the sale page of the local big hardware store. but for small things, i need him to pick stuff out. i'm going to make him a couple of CDs of stuff he's lost. but after that, i'm at a loss. i also need a frame because i printed him a really nice japanese illustration of a cat and a ribbon, all very zen. it's to go into his room, when he moves in there.

i caught the tail end of Pink's new concert show. it got her in my head, so now i'm listening to her for the first time in a long time. so many artists, so little time between the xmas carols.

there is a serious lack of punk covers of xmas songs. they tend to write their own, anarchy at xmas songs rather than do the classics. which is sad. the most punk rock i can get is Dr. Teeth doing Jingle Bell Rock and Muppet or no, Dr. Teeth is just not punk. anyone know of any punk xmas song covers? let me know.

doc and i discussed my commitment to xmas last night. would i really be willing to put my mailed presents under the tree and not open them when they come? it's a hard question. i'm nothing if not driven by instant gratification. but this year, i am determined, if anyone else is going to help me celebrate it, i'm going to leave their present under the tree until the intended day. yes. i am.

doc has finally agreed to go and pick up anything that my mom happens to want to give me. this is a major triumph. we agreed, i would wear my teeth, but i would show my mom privately and ask about my nana maybe helping me pay for new teeth. we won't stay long. places to go, you understand. but he's agreed that i don't have to have them meet me in some parking lot. that thought just scared me, how was i going to justify that? ack! so we decided that my crazy wouldn't have to have their crazy meet his crazy in a parking lot and we can just go over there. he was just worried that they would use it as an excuse to have us in for a while. no.

i swear someone else is playing on my computer with me. yeah, pink songs in a background window are rearranging themselves. i must be imagining this. this cannot be real. it must be Windows Media Player fucking around. there is no one on this computer with me.

doc got to bed early enough yesterday afternoon that he was up and alert at 11:30 when i got him up for work. so he made it to work with little problem. he has to make it to work every day so we can have a nice xmas. i was hoping the sales of some of my ebay stuff would subsidize the holidays, but it seems that is not to be. my jewelry is just not selling. it's not getting many looks. and i've been really good about describing them in the titles. i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

i've been up for less than an hour and i'm bored. i want to go back to bed. this cold weather is killing me. i can't go outside, can't walk the dog, can't go into the studio. i'm not used to this. it would be different if i were used to shutting down in the winter. but i'm not. i'm used to keeping it going, whatever it is.

i was wondering the other day about the Broadway production of Spiderman, and thinking i bet they could do it here. hell, in one of the Cirque's, they are performing on the walls and have had only one death in all the years they've been doing it. and then i read an article that Spiderman has been purchased by Las Vegas interests. cool! Bono's music will live! and they can do it here without all the Broadway crap. just let it be a spectacular show.

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