Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


doc and i managed to get along all day. and it's sunday. unheard of. on a sunday. but we did it. and we've been up since 2am. i took a brief nap earlier. he's asleep now. i'm going to lay down soon.

i have some new pictures of the fur babies, but i'm too lazy right now to post them.

i made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. i discovered i don't much like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. i have to find a different recipe. these were supposed to be chewy but they aren't. and i didn't over cook them. i saw nothing remarkable in the recipe that would make them any less chewy than toll house cookies. in fact, there's more butter in toll house cookies, so they are chewier. i don't know, i'll play with that one.

i yoinked a muscle in my sleep. it had to be in my sleep, i don't remember doing it while awake. it's right below my right shoulder blade. it's strange. it doesn't hurt all the time, just when i move certain ways or breathe really deep. maybe i coughed my way into another cracked rib. no, it doesn't hurt enough for that. i must have turned over partly and laid down on it. i don't know. it's bothersome.

i didn't go out into the studio today, so i didn't freeze to death. another week of this weather and it will go back up to 60 again. where it should be.

i've never seen the Blues Bothers from the beginning, this is cool. i'm going to go watch it.

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