Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

how many more versions of "Rockin' Around the Xmas Tree" are there?

so my quest for the perfect xmas carol compilation continues. now i am looking for oft forgot songs. like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Xmas". finding things like that is precious. i wonder if youtube has it . . . of course they do: you have to hear this. the video is inconsequential. i think it has a hippo in it, i don't know. priorities, people. the song is the thing. (i know, they say the play's the thing, but it's really the song that's the thing)

my headphones have an awfully strange definition of "stereo". it makes me dizzy sometimes. good thing i'm sitting down.

wow, i've been up for two hours. yay me, or something.

i talked to kelli today. and spent time in the studio. it was about 45 in the garage when doc finally bundled me up and sent me out into the world. i moved a lamp out there, and a horizontal filing stack and the stereo. and i was right, the stereo's CD player still works. and i burned a special Gaga disk and it reads it. so cool! so i put it on and moved some stuff around and did some other stuff and danced around like no one was watching, because no one was. it was great! tomorrow i may not go out there. i don't know. i'll be on snow-watch all day. i want to see snow. i'll settle for really really cold rain.

i don't know what i'll do with the dog tomorrow. i guess i'll bundle him up and take him for a walk in the morning before the winter storm advisory starts, but in the evening . . . i guess i'll let him out and hope for the best.

youtube's advertisers are stupid for making their ads so visual and paying no attention to the audio. i commonly listen to youtube while surfing other windows and doing other things. and so many of the commercials are just generic music of some targeted genre and no words. so i have no idea what is being advertised and their time and money is wasted utterly on me.

ooh, squirrel!

i have no real idea why i said that. okay, it was for a laugh. it made me laugh. i think we all know that's what matters here.

really, livejournal should have some picture sharing/video sharing ability by now. i believe there's picture sharing, i've just never been able to make it work. i don't know if i was just thick that day, or if it is that hard. i have a video i want to show you that i don't necessarily want to put on youtube . . . oh fuggit. - Welcme to Moya: Vader and Tulip Series 1. Features of this video are the cats growling at each other in the background, the xmas music, and doc yelling at me. oh yeah, and cute cats fighting with each other. watch it! it took me an hour to get these two on camera for 30 seconds. i have tons of video of them running away from the camera. it was a trial and an effort. and it vexes me i can't yet edit out the sound.

"you suck! . . . are you videoing?"

silly silly doc, he was expecting me to take a picture, so he was expecting to see the flash and when he didn't, he assumed i was just in position and not taking the pictures for whatever reason, while i was recording the whole time.

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