Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

fresh fish

i found my cookie cutters! and i located a bitchen sugar cookie recipe. i'm making those next friday, with snickerdoodles and chocolate mint truffle crackle cookies. then i'm doing something cool with them. today i'm making mint m&m cookies. toll house chocolate chip base recipe. just adding the ms instead of chips. i have to wait on the snickerdoodles because i'm trying to get doc to help me do the fiddly stuff with them and he is resistant so far. once we get into making a bunch of kinds, he will get into it.

just like the other day when i asked if he would help with xmas decorations and he got all reluctant and copped an attitude. i gave him thumbtacks, tinsel and pointed to a wall. the rest was up to him. when he was done, he said, "thank you, that wasn't bad at all." of course then we went into the garage and got into the huge fight. but it started out good.

so far for xmas dinner we have settled on two quiches . . . so of course i'm going to make mini quiches. and maybe we can get a roast chicken to go with them. or i can cook some steaks or fry up some salmon or steelhead trout, whatever i can find. i wish we had a fish market here. i'm sure there is a place in this city where i can get fresh, wild caught steelhead or salmon. i just haven't found it.

that's what amazon could deliver with their make-believe drone program: fresh fish.

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