Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i really hope my mom comes up with some stuff for me

it never did warm up enough today for doc to let me out into the studio. he's on his don't-let-cyd-get-sick mission of the year. so i'm not allowed outside below 55 and out in the studio below 50. i will thank him for it when i'm not writhing on the couch in a fever induced delirium. but i wanted to get the lamps and stereo set up today. the lamps will warm the space a little. the stereo will keep me company. but no. instead, frost had to form on doc's scooter. ack!

i have to take more pictures of the tree and print them out. once i explained the photo tree with lights to doc, he was really into the idea. i have to get a close-up of the top of the tree while i'm at it.

the outside cats are going stir crazy. bagira actually went out and he is telling me how much he regrets it now as he weaves in and out of my legs, trying to warm his fur. Felix and Evie have stayed in. and they are getting aggro with everything. Felix even fought with me when i was sleeping on the couch, i would go to roll over and he would growl and hiss at me. the piss.

tomorrow is xmas cards and present wrapping. i'm actually wrapping boxes that i've already given doc to make under the tree look fuller. i'm telling you, i'm going all out. i really hope my mom comes up with some stuff for me.

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