Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now, with pictures!

grrr. it's too cold to work out in the studio and i'm BORED. i did run out and take pictures of it:

views of the studio space from the front and the back or the back and the front. either or. it's rough. i can't believe this cold snap is happening. it is the WORST timing in the history of timing. i want to get it set up.

they replaced the windows with new ones across the street. they didn't make the holes any bigger or smaller. they're big windows.

i give in, it's a pain in the ass to upload photos to my server and write the code to put them in here. that's how lazy i've gotten. i've relied upon facespace and twitpic to handle my pictures, and i don't know if you all are seeing them. so i'm going to put them on here from now on. as well as those other places. i'm not all over the web. yet.

i was asking on facespace yesterday about the creep factor with the Elf on the Shelf situation. then, when i was going through that glorious box of vintage ornaments, i found a gold lame shelf elf from long long ago. he's a bit different in the hair and face, but i assure you, he was around long before the creepy book that sick woman came up with. it isn't intimidating enough at this time of year that some fat man has you on a list somewhere, but now you have actual live surveillance? it's wrong. i put my elf deep in the tree where it can't see me from.

here's a rundown on the tree so far, we've done this in text, but this is the illustrated version of a tour of the 50's ornaments on my tree:

these are the decorations doc put up. golden garland with glitter-covered peek-a-book diorama ornaments, and the japanese hanging snowflakes. you can see the "foil fringe explosions" between the flakes)

japanese foil fringe explosion candle ornament.

two explosion ornaments and one of the stuffed stocking hand made ornaments i mentioned.

a glass ball from the 60's, a sitting dove with net wings from the 50's and a mirror ball from the 00's.

one of the glitter covered vintage bells, and one of the sequin/bead/ribbon handmade vintage ornaments, gorgeous.

i think my photography skills are improving. i've really started taking a lot of pictures. i don't know how many have noticed, but i change the logo photo every week or so on the main page of it's always a picture i took that sums up my experiences for the week. but i'm really in love with the series of pictures i've taken of the tree close up on the ornaments, like those above. i have a bunch more. i'm going to print them and hang them in the studio in the rough shape of a tree on the wall and when xmas is over and i take the lights down from outside, i'll put them up on the picture tree.

i'm so excited about the studio, but also about the back yard, patio situation.

we neglected it this summer. but that's all going to change. i'm getting doc a stick chainsaw for xmas and he is going to trim the trees. he's also figured out how to hook up the old spinkler system and he is going to plant grass out back. we also have the fire pit to set up, that is going out by the log/stump. i can dig out the area to make it a bit sunken. then i plan to put plants out there that repel flies. nice desert plants. and i AM painting the furniture on the porch. i'm going to do it a nice, rich, lush green. and i have an old lime green quilt to make new seat cushions out of to recover the chairs. i have an end table that i'm going to paint to match and put the BBQ on. it's going to look nice this year, even if it's only for me.

actually, it isn't just for me. i can get the cam out there now, so i want it to look nice. and since i spend so much time out there . . .

we're also going to replace the dead plants in front with agave plants. i love the way those look. cross between overgrown aloe and cactus, beautiful succulent. it will look good in the front yard, which is xerascaped. and the tree will get trimmed this year, yay! it says in our lease that landscaping is our responsibility. we have to replace a rose bush out on the side of the house. and drastically trim the three remaining plants. the palm trees also need desperately to be trimmed. the chainsaw will so help with that. i can do it myself with that thing. the yard will look so good.

i want to paint the backyard walls tan. desert color. so they blend in more. they are such a stark grey. they just don't match the yard. a nice tan would be good. doc will flip. i want to stay here for a while, though. it's worth it to me.

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