Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i always want new ideas

doc has spent the past two days while i'm trying to sleep keeping the animals off of me. and i've been sleeping better! who knew? i have to get my bedroom put back together so i can sleep in there on a big mattress. then the animals can be with me without being on me.

ack! doc is sleeping and Major is howling. that cat! he is impossible. we just had a long chat in meow-speak about using our inside voice and i thought i had gotten through to him. there, Tulip just jumped him. he will be quiet while he hides from her.

i'm anxiously awaiting my mom's message . . . xmas is coming, after all.

i found so many treasures in the vintage xmas ornament box from the lady that was across the street. it's her house they are flipping now over there. but the treasures! little xmas socks stuffed with trees and snowmen and glitter. and velvet covered ornaments embellished with ornate sequins and pins and beads and ribbon. i used to make those when i was a kid, but no where as ornate as these are. they are heavy with their ornamentation, they weigh down the branches they are on. and glitter and colored mirror square covered bells. oh! i was so happy i was jumping around and crying, running back and forth between the precious box and the tree. i was truly an xmas treat!

as i walked Chewy today, i sucked happily on a candy cane while listening to Nitzer Ebb and Marylin Manson. Chewy was all perky in his sweater. he resisted turning left initially when we went out, but i talked him into it and he ended up enjoying coming at the neighborhood at a different angle.

baby, it's cold outside . . . it's supposed to get down to 26 degrees tonight. Fahrenheit. that isn't unheard of here in the desert, but certainly not preferable. and it's only getting up to 45 tomorrow. i can work in the garage for about 45 minutes before my hands get too cold to grip any thing.

wow, Newtown is asking that people not make a carnival memorial out of their town on 12/14 this year. Good For Them. there was a warehouse full of crap that people sent them after the shootings. why people sent giant stuffed animals to dead children is beyond me. it makes no sense to me to leave memorials along roadways and at crime scenes. that's a relatively new thing in this country and it's kind of, no, it's really disturbing. it does nothing but serve as a constant reminder of tragedy and trauma and, more often than not, death to the people who must live there. that doesn't help the common good. it helps one or two people feel better about their own mortality for a moment. then they are gone and the thing is relegated to a memory that they can bring up or quash at their will, while the people who live there must live with that reminder each and every time they pass by. not fair. not cool.

*gets down off soapbox

sorry, Rachel Maddow is on and she makes me feisty.

my expanding belly is starting to get to me. i think if i am going to fully indulge in the holiday treats, i've got to slow down on the super sweetened coffee. because i use sugar. i know it's not good for me, but neither is artificial sweetener. lesser of two evils. but my belly is getting to Bhudda proportions. and i have no intention of abstaining from all the glorious holiday food i plan to be making once doc and i can afford to buy groceries again (we're only dead broke for two weeks, i think i can stretch the tobacco that long, but explaining to the cats why there is no wet food is a bit more difficult because english - there's even a chance our rent check won't bounce). i have stuff to make cookies in the mean time.

exercise would probably do me some good, too. it would make me feel better. i've never had visible changes from exercise, except when i first worked for UPS years ago and i got all buff unloading trucks. but the feeling better benefits would be nice. and the stretching and such would be good for my back, which is starting to complain about the couch (the nerve!). i know where my hand weights are. and there is always a cat around to lay on my stomach during crunches.

they took the front windows out of the house across the street today. i'm assuming someone is sleeping there for security. please let them tear up the carpet. need some carpet for the studio. the garage floor radiates cold, have to put a stop to that. i can take my space heater out there while i'm working. in the summer, we have a portable a/c unit that should barely cool my small area.

i'm gonna go surf pinterest for a while and see what i can come up with. i always want new ideas.

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