Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yay hooray!

my xmas present isn't yet set up and we have already decided what i am getting for my birthday . . .

tickets to the Book of Mormon!!! yes! it's coming to the Smith Center in June and doc promised we could go if it came here. he's already said yes, it was his idea to make it my birthday festival. i can wait an extra month to be 45. the cheap seats are $39. doc insists he will save up money for better seats, but i'm not in it for the staging or costumes, i'm in it for the music, so i don't really care where we sit. if it were something with period costumes or fancy staging, that would be different.

hell, i saw Phantom of the Opera in NYC in Standing Room Only positions, sneaking up the aisle at crucial moments to catch a costume or set change. i didn't mind. i could hear it well enough and i was there for the music. i would have liked better seats for Chess, though, the set was a set of three sided pillars that danced around the stage and spun about for different backdrops with the lighting and such. it was all computerized and the production shut down shortly after we saw it because of inherent problems with said computer. it was really cool. i saw it from a high balcony, so i saw how many sides the pillars were, and that they were pillars, and had i had good seats, i might not have been aware of the mechanics behind the illusion. i'm torn.

but Book of Mormon!! yay! i'm going to download the soundtrack and memorize it! it will be so cool to see a play! and a musical, at that, even better. almost as good as Shakespeare. nothing is as good as Shakespeare. some day i will get to go back to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. i loved it there. i was in his world. surrounded by the characters and colors and smells . . . and the speech! ah, i'm getting carried away. i'll start crying if i don't stop it. i wonder if my mom would be amazed at the stuff she did that most affected me, that i remember now.

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