Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it just seems there should always be cookies at xmas time.

i'm out of cookies. i'm out of chocolate chips. i'm going to have a lot of weight to lose come spring. i'm thinking of making sugar cookies and buttercream icing. i don't know where my cookie cutters are.

i found my rubber stamp alphabets for doing my xmas cards. but the ink pads are dry, i have them upside down to see if they will refresh at all. if not, i have water based markers, i can color the stamps individually instead of stamping them in dye.

i'm waiting for the sun to come up so i can go out and work on the studio. it's at a point where it seems undo-able. but i know if i just move a few boxes it will all start to come together. the stuff doc did yesterday was the important big stuff, the rest is just shufflling things around and eventually, unpacking.

then finally decorating and working in it. i have so many ideas from pinterest on things to use for storage and decoration. i can put all of my "ugly" art out there. and a couple of my favorite pieces. and with the setup i've come up with, the traffic pattern will be different, but i will have a lot of room to myself.

and the next time B sees it, it will be all set up and doc's half will be full of his crap and there will be nothing B can say. kelli doesn't know why doc just doesn't say "because i said no and it's mine", but doc's not like kelli and i. he's diplomatic.

i have to adjust my holiday spending. it's time to do a cost analysis of the meals i propose and come up with the cheapest. doc stayed home last night. yesterday was bad. i don't blame him. yesterday shouldn't have been so bad. both of us need to learn things about ourselves and each other.

since he doesn't have to spend a dime on my xmas present, it's not that big of a deal. he just has to help me now. heh. i will rope him into helping me today. there is stuff we need to go through together and decide what goes and what stays. just because we have the whole garage doesn't mean the whole garage should be filled with stuff. doc needs room for his bikes.

and i'm going to set up a hydroponic herb garden in the back window of the garage. it's a perfect greenhouse place for one. it involves doc drinking more wine. i hacked an etsy product and figured out how to make wick fed watering pots out of old wine bottles. it's brilliant. i don't know why i haven't come up with it, as i am always cutting up wine bottles and trying to make things out of them. i have all the seeds i need for it, thanks to kelli's birthday present last year. we have potting medium, plenty of that. and i have wine bottles laying around and packed up all over the place.

it's so hard to get Chewy enthused about anything other than going for a walk. i offer him a biscuit and his ears perk up a little bit, but his eyes don't light up, his tail doesn't wag. it's the same with his toys. we've gotten him a lot of toys. and that money would have been better spent on clothes for him he loves his sweater. i'm making him a vest out of an old pair of jeans. and i'm eventually going to get him a new harness, likely leather studded. butch him up a little bit. especially after i start trimming his whiskers.

doc gets a fail for this morning's husband test. i asked him to wake up with me. i had a series of nightmares about yesterday and i wanted to be comforted. he cuddled me for a bit and then fell asleep. the dog stayed curled up with him, and when he rolled over he said he thought the dog was still me. cute.

okay, seriously, i lost the light set that doc brought home friday. a box of 100 string lights, and a socket adapter, in a lowe's bag. and i can't find it. and this house is not cluttered. it is in fact, very uncluttered. since the bedbug thing, there is no clutter anywhere. everything out of place looks out of place. there is no blending in. and i still can't find the damn bag with the lights in it. what the hell? where could it have gone? i haven't checked my room. there is no reason for it to be in my room, but i'll check there. i want to put those lights up.

ooh, maybe i'll make snickerdoodles. i haven't made those in a couple of years. then i don't need cookie cutters. it just seems there should always be cookies at xmas time. yes, i have plenty of cinnamon and butter and flour and eggs and sugar. that is a plan. now, if only coming up with xmas dinner was so easy. i think i'll go look for a new snickerdoodle recipe, it's been years since i started using mine, time for a change.

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