Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

excitement and possibly the coolest xmas gift ever.

i just read the quote, "After i read a good book i have trouble coping with reality." yes. exactly. i just finished "the abortion". i tentatively started reading "memnoch the devil", but i've ever been able to finish that one. her prose gets too flowery for me to follow, along with her vision of religion. it all just confounds me. the whole book is about god and the devil and i find it boring. not worth fighting my way through.

major is going bananas. jumping up on the furniture, howling and jumping down to move on to the next piece of furniture. i don't know what his deal is but he's got Tulip and Vader chasing him.

i found my rubber stamping sets so i can work on my holiday cards today. i hope the ink pads are still good. i also found an altered book i started years ago. it's got some interesting pages. i don't have any of my other art supplies out, but i took the book out to look at.

i've decided that doc is right, i should turn the garage into an art studio. we have an air conditioner to put in there for the really hot times. or when i'm in there with the laptop. but we have the tables and the chairs and the storage shelves and such. time to make the space my own. just because it's a garage, doesn't mean i can't personalize it. hang some tapestries and fairy lights and art. i'm sure i can find a nice oriental type rug for the floor at the flea market in the spring. yeah, i'm going to do it. i'm going to be an artist again. have my own space, that would be nice.

yeah, fuck B and his motorcycles. i want my garage. doc gets half of it. for tools and scooter and bike and such. but the other half is screaming for me. i can divide the space down the middle with the storage shelves. then set up my tables for art and situate the supplies under and around them. we can get some wood and l brackets cheap enough to put up some shelves. we have a couple of lights to mount, and i have a lamp that can go out there.

maybe i'll take my tv and stereo out there and have the cable run out there instead of into my room. oh, wait, we have an extra tv i can put into the garage, i'm more concerned about a stereo, though. i guess i can put my stereo out there, because i don't need it for the TV sound anymore since we got those tv's over the summer that work. cool, i can put my stereo out there.

that could be a really nice set up. i would have all kinds of room, i could have the big door open and still have privacy because of the two trucks in the driveway. i can have the door open to the back yard so the cats could go in and out. i really want to do this! i'm going to talk to doc about doing it by the new year. of course i wouldn't be finishing it for a long time, but we could clean the place up and get it set up and stuff.

my own art studio again. not since we had the old apartment have i had a space just for my creative process.

i feel me getting creative already.

this could be so cool, i can smoke out there. i could get a nice recliner from the thrift store to put out there to write in, and i'll have to eventually find myself an office chair for out there. yeah. this is a great idea!

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