Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the tree is up!

and it's gorgeous. i had a lot more ornaments than i thought i did. it could still use more. always more. i can still see branches.

thanks to Tulip, only plastic ornaments on the bottom branches. and i gave her one of her own so she stops batting them off the tree. she's in the kitchen playing with it while Major howls at her. strange animals. Chewy has no interest in the tree at all. it's not made of meat or cheese, there's nothing in it for him.

doc came home and dropped off the truck and the corkskrew and got a ride back to the party. he said he'd be home in an hour. i knew that was a lie. an unintentional one . . . i'll be surprised if he makes it home tonight, frankly. i don't expect him back.

the Lady Gaga and the Muppets special was amazing! i loved every minute of it and learned that i do in fact like her new music.

i have three tree toppers and no angel. one is a star and two are spikes of blown glass. one in a blue/gold gradient, and the other in gold, with glitter and jewels on it. i can't figure out which one i want. right now the one with the jewels is up.

picures of the tree can be found at i have an album of november photos going there. i think i may do one for each month. there's also a video from today.

i wonder if we could forgo the xmas feasting and such and volunteer at a veteran's center for the day. doing whatever they need to have done. i'll ask doc about it. i think i could gear myself up for a day of service to others. i just saw a story on a thanksgiving feast at a veteran's retirement home, and i think it would be cool to spend the holiday with service members.

i forgot to make cookies! i can do that tomorrow. i'm done for the night. decorating the tree took much more energy than i thought it would.

i keep thinking doc is coming in the front door, but it's just Tulip fucking with the ornament i gave her in the entry way.

the Michael Bolton Honda commercials make me feel violent. if i go on a killing spree, tell them it was the Bolton ads.

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