Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

thanksgiving type of post

so i'm sitting here, stubborn, not setting up the tree. i don't have an extension cord to plug it in. and until i think of where i used the one i used so i can retrieve it, i'm not setting up the tree. now where did i use that cord?

this day has been bliss. we did everything we planned to do, and got a good game of monopoly in that is still going. i believe it's my turn. he's still kicking my ass. i told him a couple of my secrets and he of course used them against me. he eventually gave in, when i let him sell back a property at full price. we change the rules. such as: no one is allowed to build on "boardwalk" or "park place". that just wipes out your opponents in one move and ruins the game. the point is, to keep playing as long as possible. to that end, we also place all money used to buy property in the center of the board and it goes to who ever lands on "free parking", and whoever gets it splits it however they want with the other person. it's a very friendly game in some respects. in others, it's cutthroat. for example, he just put space ports on all his properties. (hotels, in regular monopoly)

now i have to think of something to do for xmas that tops, or at least equals this. this has been the perfect holiday. our first perfect holiday together. we even talked about celebrating our anniversary this year. 14 years as of 1-3-14. for the first time ever. that's a lot of menus to come up with. i wonder if i dare make a prime rib roast. i could do prime rib with yorkshire pudding and green beans almondine. that would be nice for xmas. and we have enough time to save up for a nice roast. he doesn't like ham, and we don't like turkey. i was going to do fondue, but i don't know if i dare do fondue. i'll think about it. the costs for each would be comparable because i have to special order the fondue.

Lady Gaga and the Muppets is on in 15 minutes. yay! i still haven't thought of where i used that damn cord. hrmph.

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