Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm so excited!

let's see how tomorrow pans out compared to what i am planning.

dawn sauages and cinnamon rolls with mimosas. cookie making. parade on TV. start cooking "dinner". quiche, shrimp, and cheesy green bean casserole (and frikasied cat if Evie doesn't stop her nonsense). then, nap. then doc goes off to a party with the family for a few hours and i set up the decorations and dance around to xmas carols.

that's what i'm planning. we'll see what happens. i didn't make it too complicated. i want things to be simple and easy above all else. (toss Evie to the other side of the couch) kelli says i'll love the tree. she's going with white ornaments and rubber duckies. i'm going with every ornament i can find. i'm not in touch with the same aesthetic that kelli is. i want a big, cluttered, happy tree. she wants art. so it is with artists.

What is Evie doing, you ask? she only gets affectionate with me when i'm writing. not when i'm surfing and can handle the distraction and impaired typing. no, only when i'm writing. and she is VERY insistent. she bites, she claws, all to get love and pets. i try to pet her and make her happy, but i'm writing and usually can't stop for various reasons. she gets pushed away gently the first few times, then she starts biting hard, and i have to toss her the foot down to the end of the couch. she lands on her feet like she didn't just fly there, shakes herself off, and jumps down and goes and curls up in her corner. it's a routine now. it's a running gag. the Evie anecdote.

Chewy ran away today, again. and B was here (ick, he hugged me!), so doc made a big show of getting Chewy back, when, if he'd just let it go, Chewy would have been back in 20 minutes. so for an hour on his bike and B's moped, he chased the dog around the neighborhood while B clucked on about the "joys of pet ownership, why i'll never do it again." right dude, we get it. we have your cat. you don't like animals. you don't have empathy or responsibility. i just kept quiet. let the boys be boys, as long as they're not hurting each other.

i don't know what i'm going to go do, but i'm going to go now. i guess surf facespace and watch more NCIS.

hooray for tomorrow!

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