Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"tree pretty, fire bad"

okay, now. i know where all the boxes of xmas stuff that are here are. just the two from storage and i'll be ready to go. oh, i have to find the ornament hooks, but i think those are right over . . . there. and the trees. and the support for one of the trees. which may not go up yet, because i need lights for it. the big tree will go up, definitely. but the small trees really depend on if i get anything from my mom.

does anyone else really hate cutting their toenails? it skeeves me out. completely. it takes me forever to do. i say this because i just crossed my legs and scratched myself with my toenail. ick. that skeeves me out, too. toes are icky.

doc and the dog are curled up together on the couch. i slept on the love seat. in fact, i slept most of the day. i plan to sleep most of the night. and most of the day tomorrow. but tomorrow i'll be in my room. away from B. he and doc had a miscommunication about today. he didn't listen to what doc said.

as of tomorrow at 9:30, doc is off for four days. let's see if we get to killing each other by the end of it. no. we're getting a fire pit this weekend, finally. so we can sit outside around a fire burning stuff! kelli always taunts me with her fire pit. but the joke's on her, it's snowing where she is and no fire pit is going to help with that. heh.

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