Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's a noise night

Major is howling. Vader is playing in a large paper bag. Tulip is batting around a pill bottle in the kitchen. it's going to be one of those nights.

the dog ran away, then came home and wasn't allowed up on the couch (we recently taught him "get down", much to our amazement, and opening up a whole new world with him), and was curled up on the chair. but since i started typing he's snuck up here on the couch, at the other end than me.

now Tulip is chasing Major and Vader. Vader right into the bag. Major hangs off the chair sideways, Tulip pounces. as long as they keep it off the couch. i don't blame Chewy for getting up on the couch, it's dangerous in the comfy chair.

i ordered some of those ah-bra things today. you know, the one piece spandex and nylon bras that they advertise . . . anyway. got a three pack for myself for xmas. i will open them and use one before then, but the other two get wrapped up for the big day.

doc is slowly doing the shopping. he has to do it on his mountain bike, so he can't do it all at once. the fontina was $6.49 for the 1/4 pound i wanted, so i am doing without.

i told him that we didn't have to have a christmas feast because we were having a thanksgiving feast. he balked. he said xmas was for feasting and what else would we do if not feast? was i sure? i said i didn't want to spend the money. and he said, "i'll have to go to work every day to make your xmas right." but he didn't seem to mind that much. that means no FMLA days off to tend to me, i have to be at my most stable.

i'm still looking for an xmas present. the ding (medical ID tag) i wanted turned out to be $54. too much for stainless steel. plus the membership renewal, $30. no no no. i'll renew in the new year and stick to the ding i have.

i looked on ebay for cigarette cases, i kind of need a new one. but i didn't find any i liked that weren't vintage and german and leather and expensive as hell. so that's out.

maybe tiny cakes from Swiss Colony. no. i'll have to rely on the kindness of others for my Swiss Colony Petit Four fix. with the trouble i've had with my teeth, which doc is convinced is the sugar i eat, despite lack of evidence. he's a dental republican. and kelli is sending me oreos. since i've been held under the belief that peanut butter oreos can't be had here, so she's getting them for me. then doc tells me they are, he just doesn't tell me. pfft. he's so weird. he won't let me eat cookies, but he lets me eat cookie dough and buys cake mix when he knows i'm going to make more cookies. weird, i tell you. like a cross between Gonzo and Spock. yeah, wrap your head around that.

okay, dog is in, cats are quiet. i'm going to get a few hours sleep. until UK news comes on. then i'll likely wake up, have a cigarette, change the channel to MSNBC and go back to sleep to the dulcet tones of Joe Scarbourough.

the dog has made himself very small. i wonder if he will stay that way when i lay down. it would be nice to sleep without him on me or pressing into me or somehow invading my personal space.

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