Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yay. it's monday.

in a stunning switch of attitude, doc has said i can put up the xmas tree whenever i want!!!! and he's stopped growling about the constant xmas music. he was actually humming some at the launderette yesterday.

speaking of that, i have all my clothes back. i threw them all into bags and put them in the garage after i saw a bug on a pair of pants. they've all been washed and dried and folded. i just need a place to put them. and i don't feel the bedroom i safe. i'm going to have to eat it and use that room again. and i don't want to. i dwell on things, and i am definitely dwelling on the "what if this hadn't happened?" part of things. i'm never being nice to a stranger again. and if that means i don't make another friend for the rest of my life, i'm fine with that. the friends i've made in the past three years have been a bust. B and psychocunt. great. i came out well on the other end of that.

and doc wants me to blame him because he brought her here, but i can't. she's the one that knew she had bugs, she's the one that escalated the situation at B's so she ended up getting arrested and homeless. i blame her. completely. speaking of which, her facebook is STILL deleted after that nasty remark i made. fuckin' coward. she keeps trying to call me. i don't know what in the world makes her think i will pick up the phone. i have nothing to say to her. and nothing i want to hear, but that she has a batch of money for doc. and she can email that information. doesn't need to call for that.

i've been up since 3, i think i am going back to couch.

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