Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

today is finally done

okay, running on three interrupted hours of sleep, i went on a cooking binge. i made Cheesey Baked Potato Slices, Super Maccaroni and Cheese, and Cydniey's Potato Pancakes. the mac and cheese was a new recipe i was trying. i think i will change the name to There Is No Way You'll Be Able To Have Seconds and Cheese. it is super cheesy and super rich. i want to try it with whole wheat pasta and fontina and swiss cheeses. it was a simple change to my classic recipe, but one i honestly had never thought of. once presented with it (on pinterest, of all places), i found it to be genius and it changed my thinking on a lot of things i cook.

i have to make up the shopping list for doc for thanksgiving: pie crust (yes, of course i can make my own, quickly and with little effort, too, but like puff pastry, pie crust can be purchased without sacrificing much of the quality, and for a quiche base, i don't need much in the high flakiness of the home made kind), 1/4 lb. chunks of fontina and swiss cheeses, 1/3 lb. chunk of tavern ham (i've decided to try that instead of my old stand-by, virginia baked ham), sausages, more cream. that should do it. i have cinnamon rolls (don't like the home made kind, i like the kind in a tube) for breakfast with the sausages he'll get . . . chips and dip for lunch . . . oh, i need soda for that. and then the stuff for the quiche. eggs! okay, let me write all that down. we're also getting a shrimp wheel for lunch. but that's already on the list.

it's going to be a perfect day. even if things go wrong, it will still be a great day. doc is along for the ride. ("And you're so into the holidays this year and it scares the hell out of me.") we have meals planned. the only thing we don't have planned is TV after the parade, and for that, i thought i'd hook the speakers up to the laptop and we could have a Firefly marathon.

the dentist i had was supposed to have done a root canal on this tooth i lost the crown to two years ago and has just decided to hurt. i say 'supposed to' because i'm beginning to doubt he did the root canal, as there is nerve exposed right now. and let me tell you the pain is sublime. just magic. stupid dentist. stupid me for trusting someone with my money and mouth. no wonder all the teeth he worked on are still rotting away in my mouth.

we've been taking a sick amount of cute pet photos. mostly when the other is sleeping. the pets crawl all over us when we sleep and pile on us. especially me. so we've taken to snapping pictures of each other while snuggling or otherwise being assaulted by one or more of the pets.

chewy ran away with his sweater on today. so at least people know he's well dressed if not well behaved. he spent the day in his sweater, which he seems quite fond of. i need to get him a couple of tshirts. maybe i'll make a couple on for him. i'm also going to make him a punk rock vest out of a newly deceased pair of jeans. i'm going to put spikes on it and get a patch for the back. probably a black flag patch. it's a no sew project. his sweater is pretty gay, it's a sweater vest. i have to admit. but we can't always be butch.

i'm bouncing around and i want to go to bed. i wonder if i could sleep in my room finally. it's bug free. i guess if i burn some incense in there to make it smell familiar, it won't matter that the furniture is all wonky.

two days of the cat piss cam and no sightings. it's like the creatures know there's a cam on them.

no, i can't sleep in my room. the thought of it's crypt like chill just isn't appealing to me tonight. and with the furniture all in the middle of the room, it's just too creepy. and i have no teddy bear to hold. i didn't realize i slept with a teddy bear almost every night until i didn't have one. i think that's why i keep having dreams about buying a new stuffed animal at a yard sale or thrift store. it is always a different place and a different type of animal, but it's always second hand and always big-ish. the first night i had the dreams, i woke with a complete urgency to get an animal, which doc did not indulge. since then it has kept happening, and now, more often than not, i take the animal back to the cottage i told you about a few days ago.

i'll sleep out here. not to music tonight. and not with the lights all off. tonight i sleep the sleep of the scared. i was having some pretty awful hallucinations earlier. it left me shaken.

time to disturb the dog and Simon and lay down. have a good night. see you in a few hours.

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