Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

time to go watch the sunrise

i woke up five times over three hours. i don't see me getting into a 6-8 hour routine any time soon.

Le Cordon Bleu is being cagey about getting me information. they want to talk on the phone, and aren't shy about telling me that. over and over again. i don't like that, but i found with all the cooking schools in the area they are the only ones that offer more than a Certificate in Pastry. i figure the more comprehensive the program, the better off i'll be to compete in this city. i'm in the perfect place for this. this is right. i'm going to make that call.

so i turned my cam into the slowest moving reality show in history. i should write a press release. we've got to find out who is peeing in there so we can address the problem, in case it's more than just a territory thing. if someone needs to go to the vet, we need to know that. the cam is the perfect opportunity. and it's no problem to make CDs up with nice labels and such, thanks to the Tech Fairy. so we'll see if anyone is actually bored enough to catch a feline copping a squat. i should offer an unautographed CD, it might be more popular. heh. some day i'll be dead and someone will be interested! i am making sure i crush that.

14 years of journals now. 14 years lived online. ack! i'd better get working on having something to show for it! i had better get my ass to school.

actually, i DO have something to show for it. a CDs worth of recorded material, two books published and one chapbook. and enough photos to make a nice photobook, if there was a demand for such a thing. and the videos. can't forget the videos. i should make another one today. i'm trying to be awake more, which is hard with doc on the computer all day. i get bored and lay down. i wake up and he is still on the computer, i stay down. actually, yesterday was bad because it was wednesday and all of his shows come out on tuesday. i watched Dr. Who all day.

time to go watch the sun rise. have a nice day.

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