Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i signed up for info from Le Cordon Bleu on their Associates in Pastry and Baking. their "full disclosure" site told me nothing about tuition or possible financial aid. and they wanted my phone number, right. they got some one else's. not mine. i'm not talking to them until i'm ready to call them.

i've been reading forums on it, and like every culinary job that isn't on TV, it is a thankless job that requires weekends and holidays and long hours and low pay. that's for me. okay, that part sounds icky, but i've done it before and i miss it. the long hours, i mean. and i would work up to it while i went to school and eventually got a paid internship somewhere. since this is Vegas i will make more money than most others in my chosen field. it is in demand here to fuel the competitive restaurants and clubs and party companies that are always coming and going. and i could always get a "cushy" (and i use that term relative to the hellishness of a regular chef's schedule) catering job.

short intermission for chili cheese dogs . . .

i can learn to make the perfect gingerbread and make houses out of it. not realistic houses like they do on TV, but fantastical candyland houses, pushing the boundaries of gingerbread physics and covered with royal icing and candy from around the world. i've always had a thing for, but never a real use for, pretty candy. i will buy a box of Nerds simply because i like looking at them. wouldn't they make great paving gravel for a gingerbread house? i will go to the ends of the earth to peruse a candy store. especially if they sell penny candy. which i don't know any places that do anymore. they sell it by the pound.

enough fantasizing. i'll wait for the info to come in the mail and then make the dreaded phone call.

the big box of xmas stuff turned out to not be full of xmas stuff. some stuff, which i have around the house now, i couldn't wait. but get this, the rest of the box was full of Japanese crockery! doc is in heaven. he's now plotting to build a shelf to display it all on. brilliant idea! i have some great stuff on my pinterest of upcycled shelves.

i just wish he would let me paint my wooden furniture. paint is temporary and makes a hell of a difference, and i'm sick of looking at wood and doubly sick of looking at wood of so many colors. i hate it!

i've been dreaming about a place called the cottage. it has dark green tile floors and it's built deep into the side of a hill. with the front all sunshine and flora. it's a little different each time, but always the same dark green tiled floors. and small tile, herringbone style. so cool. i think i've seen it somewhere before, but i don't know where. but i'm always safe there and no cats pee there and it's always nice there and i dream about it a lot lately.

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