Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i wanted chili cheese dogs this morning . . . so i made them.

then, i wanted chocolate chip cookie dough this afternoon . . . so i made it.

such a novel concept, having exactly what i want on hand. it never happens that way, not in such a satisfying way.

especially the cookie dough. when i moved out of my parent's house and away from their precious Kitchen Aid stand mixer, i never thought i would make cookies again. turns out it's really easy. it has taken me years of reluctant cookie making to discover this. today i just threw the ingredients in, literally. i just cleaned up the flour and butter mess from the counter. also, the cookies i make always have hemp butter, and i don't like it raw, i can barely stand it baked. so i don't eat the cookie dough, i'm used to being around it and not eating it. having a bowl of it to myself is a decadent luxury that almost calls for one of the bottles of champagne.

Chewy attacked Simon tonight. i was laying on the couch, curled up with Chewy, when Simon tried to jump up. rather than sitting there, like usual, like a good boy, Chewy decided to lunge at Simon and growl and chase him down the hallway. Simon won't get near me now. nice. the damn dog has been bad for about three days now. running away, pooping in the wrong places, chasing the cats with malice . . . these are unusual things for him. hmmm. OH! ever since we started punishing him for running away! we've been putting him in the kennel for an hour when he runs away. and ever since we started doing that he has been evil.

there's nothing else for it, we're going to have to fix the fence permanently so he can't run away. i have no patience for either behavior. i actually had to bribe him to stay with me in the back yard today. what's up with that?

now Major is howling. how to shut this cat up? normally i don't wake up until later in the night, closer to the time doc gets up, so Major making noise isn't such a hassle. he just wanders through the house meowing and howling like a female in heat. when he sees a cat outside, he makes the same noise. we think he sees the ghosts of Chloe and Henry. especially Henry, because he sits on my bed and howls. it's been worse since i took my stuffed animals out of the room. i don't know what to do about this mournful wailing cat.

did i mention i'm getting a BLACK xmas tree? isn't that the coolest thing ever?

i learned that doc and i disagree on xmas. i'm into it for the pure celebration, and that includes the commercialism to some extent, but definitely not bent toward Jesus in any way dealing with it. he thinks differently. it's interesting, all these years and i have no idea how he feels about some things. i've just snow plowed over him with my own opinions, he hasn't been able to have any of his own. again i ask, how has he put up with me? he has the patience of a saint, he must be the devil.

is that Deborah Foreman on NCiS:LA? ah, man, she's a villan. that sucks.

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