Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so excited!

so i exorcised that demon, B from my life. yay. doc will be going over to his house for bike repair from now on. i won't have to deal with him. after he admitted to doc that he didn't care about my facts, only his opinion mattered. that was pretty much the only explanation he had for his verbal diarrhea all over my facebook. i told doc simply i don't want that shit in my life and i don't think i should be forced to put up with it. so i unfriended him. case closed. he tried to involve doc, who just blew it off and told him to grow up. but of course doc had to tell him he had to tell me to grow up, too. because to expect doc to ever once stick up for me would be too much to ask.

i'm just going to ignore that last part and go merrily about my day.

i have my xmas tree set up in the shopping cart, all ready to go. i add my credit card info to it tomorrow at 3 when the money goes into my account. i don't have to pay shipping on it!!! hopefully it will be here by thanksgiving. it's black, pre-lit with white lights. and i have several yards of silver skull garland to drape around it.

doc and i have agreed to put up xmas lights outside this year!!!! i'm going to put them around the entryway outdoors. inside the security gates. you won't be able to see it from the street, but if you come up to the door, you'll get a nice treat.

it looks as though our thanksgiving plans are not going to happen. i will be alone, he will be with the family. i will restart an old tradition and spend the day/evening on cam. i will still make and eat quiche, just not roast chicken, and i will still put up xmas decorations after i eat dinner. before doc has to come home and go to sleep for work that night.

then, when he gets off work the next day, we go to the hardware store to pick up our firepit for half off. it's the only black friday shopping we are doing.

i'm getting a black xmas tree!! dream of dreams come true!

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