Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

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i wouldn't say he was harassing me. he was trying to get his point across, though he had no idea what that point was, and changed it up with each post. a hypocrite and a liar, some may be wondering why i've put up with Breuclen Bridges (or William Fracis Dailey). it's because he is doc's mechanic, and the only one we've found that accepts barter who does quality work. but his talent with bikes does not extend to his brain. he is an officious, misinformed, willfully ignorant (and really i can't forgive that one thing right there) douchenozzle that i should have put down a while ago. doc didn't want me to, because mechanic that barters. but i couldn't take his constant epic commentary on what i posted on my facebook page. and i tried "yes, whatever"-ing him. and i tried logical debate, and when all else failed i told him to take his lies and bullshit away, and he ignored that.

so when i woke up at 4:20 this morning (without any weed, ironically enough), and there were 9, count them 9, alerts in my email box that he was commenting on my wall again, i didn't flip out. i just went to the page, over to the chat bar, clicked on his pop-up info, and "unfriended" the silly motherfucker.

i have to say it is most unsatisfying. if i'm to have a big tell off, which i'm not, it will have to be face to face. but i won't. i will swallow it for love of doc. but i'll tell you something, if he starts posting under his wife's account (who is still listed among my friends), all bets are off and i'm getting online stabby. i just don't put up with this shit well. you've no idea what kind of control it has taken not to take this cuntwaffle out long ago when he first started this, like i do with everyone else.

okay, i've vented. and i've "unfriended". i think i'll have a cigarette and go back to sleep for a while.

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