Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

all i can think to do is complain

today has been a blur of sobriety. i remember almost none of it, though i have been up since 6 this morning. i finally fell asleep last night after taking Seroquel, getting RLS from it, taking a hot bath to relieve the RLS, and collapsing on the couch. i haven't been able to sleep since. not at naptime, not at this naptime. i should be asleep.

the restless legs are driving me crazy. they've been going strong since i sobered up two days ago. it gets much worse with the seroquel, i won't be taking any more of that, but it's there all the time. it's why i can't sleep, i get comfortable, start to relax, and then my legs start twitching and hurting. if i'm going to stay sober, i need to do something about this. it is driving me crazy. and that is not a long drive.

my hand feels better. it's mainly stiff. i'm glad i didn't do any damage to it. i really have to control myself. i can't fly off the handle at nothing, and yet it's so . . . there.

i've had my hair tied back so long i can't comb it out. it hurts too much, tomorrow doc is picking me up a new brush so i can brush it out. i get like that on bad days, i don't want to deal with my hair so i just tie it back. it usually happens during 'that time of the month'.

all i can think to do is complain. and i don't want to do that.

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