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San Diego Dental Implant Center is following me on Pinterest. i don't pin pictures of teeth. so weird the interconnectivity of the web. maybe they'll give me free teeth.

on a more realistic note: we were going over the medical insurance tonight, and in the dental section it had a new thing: Implants 80% coverage. YAY!!! i'm getting me some new teeth in the new year. i'll get the front ones done first and worry about the rest later. then maybe i can find a date. i'm skinny and cute. though some members of the GOP have opined i look like Keith Olberman in a blonde wig, i'll take it. Keith's a pretty good lookin' guy.

doc is being conquered by the animals. he is on the small couch and chewy and Leia-tini are on him. good, let him get smothered with love for once.

ever just wake up needing to hear a song? i'm having that with the Goo Goo Dolls, "Long Way Down". why can't i have good taste in music? why do i like this candy crap? Moving on to Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine", better known as that phone commercial song. i don't remember what phone, but if you hear the song, you will remember the haunting synthesizer from your techie dreams.

now that halloween is over, i'm over my Disneyland obsession. for the season. i don't wish to go there during the xmas season. too many memories are wrapped up with that. that would take a team of doctors and time for me to stand still everywhere and cry uncontrollably for a half hour. draining. so until spring, i'm back to being obsessed with the California Bay Area. where Nana lives. where i was born. i'm being called home. i watched "Foul Play" today, which, of course, was filmed in San Francisco. the scene at the Opera House (I don't remember what it's called!!) where they are watching a Kabki version of the Maccado . . . i went there as a kid to see The Nutcracker Suite. i went into this 15 minute trip on how impressive the whole scene was when i was a kid and how overwhelmed but thrilled i was. now i want to go see nana. i want to sit on the balcony and smoke a cigarette and look at the Golden Gate through Papa's old telescope. i want to watch the fog roll in over the bay while i stoke the fireplace and fetch nana cocoa. with bourbon. i should make that happen this year.

i wonder if i asked her, if she would pay for a bus ticket. i'm sure she would. i just couldn't ask her. "loaning" money is common in our family, but i've never been comfortable with it. she's bought my parents two houses. a bus ticket is not out of her reach. i'd need cab fare, too. there is no way i'm letting my nana into the inner city of Oakland to go to the bus station. she is way too pale, and she insists on driving huge luxury cars that beg to be stolen and ridden around in all day, then trashed. god, i sound racist. no. it's trash i don't like. i don't care the color. and Oakland, unfortunately, is full of trash. she lives up in the hills, the enchanted part of Oakland. i've no problem with her trekking all over the third world, but i won't think of letting her into an American inner city. i should call her tomorrow. i'm sure i can still find her number online, under papa's name. so quaint. how she doesn't try to live off the grid like the rest of us. the Buffers have always been ruthlessly hunted by the Bill Collector Clan. well, just mine and my parent's generation. nana has never had to deal with that. papa provided for her all her life.

i'm getting off of this. i don't know what my nostalgia bit is recently. i can't seem to stop it. and now i've got Xmas Disneyland on my mind. i need to go look at pictures of San Francisco and Sweden. buh-bye.

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