Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i managed to be nice all day!

Evie has been growling for a solid 43 minutes now. i'm kind of getting used to the noise, like the ringing in my ears. i can't get her to stop. sometimes Simon joins in, i think he's bored, but she has been going . . . at everything, at nothing. it doesn't matter. she wants to go out. she is peeing on things. i hate halloween now. keeping black cats in is hell. now Major won't shut up. i swear, it will be a miracle if dawn arrives without cat quiche.

they've all had to stay in today because of the dust and the wind. the dust will get up their sensitive noses and cause all manner of problems that only vets can fix. learned that lesson. these fall storms happen every year. i just can't believe we're there yet. it seems like monsoon season just ended.

my hair is driving me crazy. i need a hair cut. the ends are split and damaged and it has to be straightened every time i wash it or i look like southern white trash, especially now that my roots are coming in nicely. i'm in a shave it all off kind of mood. but i won't. i'm going for longer hair than i have ever had before. it just needs a trim. in a couple of weeks, end of november at the latest, i'll be able to get a hair cut.

i decided to put my practicality in front of my politics and make a walmart wish list, so i can find the things i want, not so anyone else can buy them for me. i found sheets and an xmas tree and lights, and such. but they have a space on the form that says "Date" . . . on a wishlist. okay, fine, i'll make up a date, whatever. enter date. "Error: Incorrect Format" enter date in another format. "Error: Incorrect Format" try it again . . . well . . . "Error: Incorrect Format". fuck it. i'll go to target. what the hell? every time doc shops there, he has to deal with some ignorant mother fucker in a smock giving him attitude. so we decide to shop online and not even support their point of sale warehouse stores. and that is made difficult with stupid coding and vague instructions. no hint as to a format. nothing. just a blank space. and you MUST fill it in in order to go on. it's not optional.

doc just called in late to work, using FMLA time, and as he did, i didn't realize it and was freaking out at the cat. well timed. "rarr . . ." "yeah, i'm going to need 4 hours FMLA time" "oops". Evie is getting on my last nerve. she is exhibiting every bad behavior she possibly can. i may let her out into the garage. yeah, doc is going to take her out into the garage. maybe she can run around and climb on things out there for a while and be happy. i hate to see her like this, while balancing that she is driving me nuts. i have to think about what she is going through. i totally fucked up her schedule. the past few days she has been allowed out with one of us, but not today. and not tomorrow or the next day, either. she's going to have to stay inside.

and for some reason, she and Simon have been ganging up on Bagira. and i don't know why. Baggy doesn't bother anyone. he doesn't vie for attention, he's just kind of a piece of furry furniture that comes to you once a week for snuggles and pets. like a friendly ottoman.

oay, time to go play with doc. he's up and home for a few hours and i'm in a good mood.

by the way, i managed to be nice all day!

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