Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what a terrifying night

if i ever need reminding that i live in a house and not a block of apartments, a wind storm will do it. the trees rub against the house and make spooky noises. it took me a couple of hours to get to sleep, but i stayed in bed until 7.

i managed to not eat under doc's watchful eye yesterday. the fighting helped with that. i feel like i've been stuffing myself and i've been gaining weight slowly . . . i want to cut back on what i'm eating. he's been getting me everything he can think of to get me to eat, and i have to admit most of it has been unhealthy and really fattening. not good. and i've been lazy and haven't been taking the dog out to walk twice a day like i should.

in our trend of missing EVERYthing that happens in this town, we did not go to the Life Is Beautiful festival. we never do anything here. doc asked the other day why we moved here. i guess for nothing. what a waste of money and 13 years.

i took my room apart and sprayed it down with alcohol. i saw one bug, and i was looking closely. i found no new infestations.

i will be nice to doc today. i will not pick fights with him. if i am frustrated i will share it with him and see if he can help me with it. he is my life, my love. i want to be close to him. i want him to love me and want to be with me. and he won't do that if i am mean and angry. and it's never him i am angry at. it's me. and i take it out on him. and i don't mean to do it. i don't want to do it. today i will not do it. i will give him a day of peace and love. he's a former hippie, he can appreciate that.

so, how do you think this spying on international calls is going to go over in the world? we've already got Germany pissed at us over it, and i think we all remember what happens when Germany gets pissed off. and the president was out of the loop. that doesn't surprise me. not that i think he would have stopped it had he known. it's just the 21st century and we are all victims of our paranoia.

i deleted an old friend from my facebook today. i didn't want to do it and i have been agonizing over it for a couple of months now. and i have no intention of severing ties with this person, not at all. it's all about politics. our politics do not agree, and in facebook is the one place he is political and frankly his tea party posts were pissing me off. and i don't want to go to facebook every day and get pissed off. i stopped posting political shit because it occurred to me that i might be offending people i care about, i do have a few of those on fb. and most of the people i care about on there, are conservatives. family and such. people from the church and my past and whatnot. so i'm conflicted about this. but like i said, i'm not about going to my page and getting pissed off every day.

Evie is being a pain in my ass. she is insisting on laying on my arm. i tried to put her on the other side of me, but she attacked Major. she wants to go out, badly. we've been letting her out to play in the yard under supervision for brief periods of time, but since it is so windy, i'm not going out. so she's determined i will do nothing if not pay attention to her. she is making it really difficult to type. she is laying on one wrist and nudging my other hand off the keyboard.

time to go spray my animals so they are dry enough to put into plastic bags to go to the laundrette. they will be put into the giant dryer with dryer sheets and spun for a while. until they reach 120 degrees and all the things on and in them die.

now Evie is biting me, definitely time to get up and do something else. why must all the girl cats chew on me?

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