Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

do you ever just play with your brain, bro?

Chewy's sweater got here. good/bad. bad first: the patterns were assorted, so he got a "ski" sweater instead of one with a Union Jack on it. i'm cool with that. good finally: it fits him and looks great on him. doc says i'm gaying up the dog, but i disagree. i could be painting the beast's nails. i could turn him into a proper castrato and put him in frills and silk. i'm keeping it butch. it's a navy blue sweater with short sleeves and a mock turtle neck. the designs are in green/white/yellow. now he has something to wear on his morning walks and i can start taking him on morning walks again. he was shivering. it was sad. i promised him if he wore his sweater like a good boy, i wouldn't make him dress up for halloween. he took the deal and curled up next to me and went to sleep.

ever listen to a song over and over again until it seems to become part of your consciousness? i do that a lot. i'm doing that with Placebo's cover of the Kate Bush classic, "Running Up That Hill" right now. i did it with P!nk the other day. in that case it was four songs, which then fought it out in my brain until my least favorite came out the dominant one. it was weird. do you ever just play with your brain, bro? really. i do it all the time. pick a song and play it and let my brain run with it. i do it with photos, to.

i think that's why my obsession with i can go "shop" for pictures that i can go back and play with. pictures of anything you could imagine, except gross stuff. i don't do gross stuff. beautiful stuff. disney. cats. zentangles. places to go. places to live. sweden. i'll be making a new board soon for pictures of only British things. except the food. someone else can collect pictures of that mess. how can an entire country have such bad taste in food?

time to switch songs, this is depressing me. "Ca Plane Pour Moi" or "If I Should Fall from Grace with God"? the Pogues win.

Friday: Sleep Day. doc and i go to our separate couches and nap on and off all day and night, taking turns with the computer. i still haven't talked the other laptop into working. fucking thing just shut off. no power is registering with it at all. the battery is bad. i don't want to replace it, if i even can. the thing is old. and it's a toshiba, not exactly a huge computer company. not here, anyway. i'm sucking every bit of life these temporary things have in them out and using it. it would really suck if i just got it working again to have it die completely. and i would still be down to one computer: the newish laptop. the two year old laptop. that is my baby and sweetness and precious. but i don't want to over tax it. i've already severely limited its traveling range by attaching a USB hub to it.

we watch movies on it. hook up speakers to it and set it on the coffee table and sit near each other! ack! near each other!

i'm in a weird mood tonight. not exactly happy, not exactly not. i'm on the verge of an emotion. i just don't know which one, so i won't let it come. i live on the edge . . . of feelings.

i feel extreme sarcasm coming on. it is not a good time to be on the internet.

today i posed two, i thought, intelligent questions to the conservative sector of my twitter and facebook peoples. no one fucking answered me. it's okay when they can yell and insult. but when it comes to honestly answering a question, nope, not happening. 1- Towards what ends are conservatives working? - i am a big picture person. if they are looking to improve society and living for americans, well, i want in on that. even if their means are questionable. i'm that kind of person. no answer. 2- What one thing have you personally lost because of Obama, be specific. i didn't want to hear "my privacy", we never had that. and anyone who thinks we did is fooling themselves. it's just that now it's harder to be sneaky and washington is woefully backwards when it comes to keeping their yaps shut. silence. no one would take up the challenge to educate a liberal. maybe my offer was seen as a trap. i don't know. but i am disappointed.

doc explained to me it was a fool's errand and why. he doesn't think they are working toward any big picture. that they can't see past the most recent battle. they are just looking for things to object to. they don't actually stand FOR anything, they are only AGAINST things. i'm starting to believe that.

how about that Pope Francis? he's a pretty good guy. i like him a lot. every article i read on him makes me like him more. of course he's not perfect. he is Catholic, after all. but the man makes sense. he has some good points and i find myself agreeing with him on a lot of them. which is weird to me because i've never really been into a pope. i've never really followed the news of one. but Francis seems to be in the news a lot. he's making a lot of evil people very nervous and it's just a matter of time before they have him killed, but until then, i dig him.

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