Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


and so it's settled. when i am being an unreasonable cunt, doc is simply going to yell "twatwaffle" in a bad (and i mean horrible) english accent. lets hope it makes me laugh as hard in the moment. there has got to be some way to reach me when i am in these rages. maybe twatwaffle is the way.

i got no sleep. i sang along to every song that came on for three hours while laying here covered in cats. and a dog. though, really, he's barely a dog. i can count on my fingers how many times he's barked since we adopted him. for example: yesterday morning at 6:49 i was sitting here, typing, when there was a noise at the door, someone was at the security gate. Chewy ran to investigate, but stayed silent as doc unlocked all the doors and came in. great watch dog. he doesn't like strangers, though. or, let's say he is a good judge of character, and we have some characters around here.

there's some big festival downtown this weekend. i'm tempted to ask doc if we can take the bus down there. there's no point in driving, as there is no parking, but i wouldn't mind going to see what it's about. i haven't been paying attention, but it's some huge deal.

okay, i'm going to bite the bullet and ask doc for money today. i just don't know how much. probably around $20. that gets me 15 things and postage. let me back up. i went to the jewelry supply site last night before i lay down, and they are having a $1 sale on a lot of stuff i like to use. and there was so much stuff i wanted. and i got so many ideas for stuff to make before the holidays. stuff stuff stuff.

i'm being attacked by affectionate cats! help! Freddie is all up in my face, she's tickling my chin with her whiskers. you'd think we went away for a month. i guess it's just that there are so many, it takes time to love them all.

i can't decide whether to read or write. or lay back down. i had such high hopes for last night, that sleep med was making me tired but as soon as i turned out the lights and lay down, my eyes snapped open. so i just snuggled with the animals. first thing i must do is pet Major, i made the mistake of waking him and now he won't shut up.

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