Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

fuck society, gay straight and in between

you know what? aside from you and you and you, there . . . fuck people. just fuck them.

i get this message on that damn dating site that psycho cunt had me join. it's someone asking about where i perform. cool, i think, and get really excited when i notice in her pic, she's holding a microphone and appears to be on a stage. and so i start to hope that maybe i've found a friend that i can go to readings with. and i write to her. and then (i know, i'm stupid, i should have done this first) i go to her bio. and it says right there, must have original teeth, no partials, either. so i wrote to her and apologized for wasting her time and explained i was missing teeth. stupid cow. fucking ignorant stupid fucking dyke cow.

and funny thing is, i never replied to the other message i got because she wanted to meet and i don't have teeth and she would hate me and i assumed all that, and here it was with someone else, spelled out plain as anything. fucking people fuck them i hate them all.

i just want to go back to bed now. i see no point to the day. i was going to go out with doc to the Paws for the Cause event and get Felix microchipped, i even agreed when doc said we'd have to take the bus, with a howling cat, good. but i agreed and stayed excited about it, but why go out when people are just going to see my missing teeth and judge me on it. i must be a tweaker. fuck people. i'm going back to bed. maybe when i wake up i will see a point to living. i doubt it, though.

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